Worcestershire’s historic buildings risk being lost forever


Dozens of historic sites in Worcestershire have been identified as at risk of being lost forever by Historic England.

The latest Register of Heritage in Danger has been published and shows buildings whose future is uncertain due to neglect, degradation or inappropriate development.

County sites on the 2021 list include Grade I listed buildings such as Hewell Grange, the Temple of Theseus at Hagley, and St. Michael’s Church at Stoke Prior.

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Ross Simmonds, Acting Regional Director of Historic England, said: “Our legacy is an anchor for all of us in these difficult times.

“Despite the challenges we have all faced recently, this year’s Heritage in Danger Register demonstrates that caring for and investing in our historic places can contribute to the country’s economic recovery, bring communities together and help fight change. climate.

“The many examples of great progress made in 2021 show what is possible with strong partnerships, dedicated people and financial support.

“But there is always more to be done to give our cherished historic places the attention, investment and secure future they deserve.”

Worcestershire buildings listed on the World Heritage in Danger Register include:

Ribbesford House, Ribbesford

The house has a fascinating history

Ribbesford House is a large country house which dates back to the 16th century.

Historic England says t The building is largely unoccupied and its condition has deteriorated over the years, with significant areas open to the elements.

He added some of the addiction collapsed in bad weather in 2017.

St. Michael’s Church, Stoke Prior

This church dates back to the 12th century and has ties to Salt King John Corbett, who had it renovated in the 19th century.

Historic England said: “The tower has structural issues with stones missing in the southeast corner and the shingled spire has bird damaged holes.”

However, it will soon regain its former glory after years of fundraising by the Friends of St Michael and All Angels Church in Stoke Prior Bromsgrove.

Temple of Theseus, Hagley

This temple, designed by James Stewart in the 1750s, is set in a Grade I listed park and garden 800 meters north of Hagley Hall.

The building pays homage to an ancient Greek temple built in Athens, the country’s capital.

Historic England says: “Its relatively isolated location made it vulnerable to vandalism, so security fences were put up. “

Priory Church of St Mary, Malvern

Priory Church of St Mary, Malvern

This large medieval monastic church was founded in 1085 and is now a large parish church which dominates the center of Malvern.

On its current condition, Historic England said: “Overall in fair condition, but there is a major problem with the stained glass that requires urgent repair.

“Other issues are the high level masonry of the tower and the high level masonry of the windows on the south side. “

Hewell Barn

Hewell Grange is an old country house in the village of Tardebigge and was built between 1884 and 1891.

After World War II, the Hewell Estate was sold to the Crown and converted into a prison. The mansion itself was used to house young delinquents and later low risk prisoners.

Historic England says it is working closely with the Department of Justice to ensure its sustainable future use.

Church of St George, Kidderminster

This Georgian Gothic church had its roof destroyed by fire in 1922 but was rebuilt before the church was remodeled by Giles Gilbert Scott between 1923 and 1925.

Historic England said: “At the west end, the roof of this work is now leaking to the two side gutters in the valley.”

Other sites and buildings in Worcestershire that are in danger of being lost forever include:

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