WonderCleveland, a new experiential museum, opening at Mentor on July 1


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  • Courtesy of WonderCleveland
  • Visitors explore one of WonderCleveland’s exhibits.

WonderCleveland, Northeast Ohio’s first “experiential museum”, is scheduled to open in Mentor’s Great Lakes Mall on July 1.

Organizers compare the new 17,000 square foot experience at Candytopia in San Francisco and Color Factory in New York. A former pop-up, the permanent WonderCleveland museum experience includes sixteen “fully sensory interactive art exhibits”.

“WonderCleveland invites guests to explore, touch, climb, solve challenges and generally play with whatever is in sight,” a press release read. “Whether it’s a full-size Lego Batman or an eight-foot-tall Pez dispenser, guests will be amazed with every bend, tunnel, spaceship and dimension they pass through.”

Tickets range from $ 12 for children to $ 19 for adults during peak hours. Tickets can be purchased online at the WonderCleveland website. Organizers note that some of the exhibits are ideal for group selfies, and the most scenic of them will be equipped with photo equipment so that guests can document their experience on social media.

“Experiential museums like WonderCleveland are very popular across the country and we are very happy to bring this unique experience to Cleveland,” organizer and Cleveland native Jason Percival said in the statement. “It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that’s perfect for people of all ages and interests, from families with children to teens to adults. Several generations can all benefit

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