Who pays for the trips of the actors of “Real Housewives”?

During almost all seasons of The Real Housewives — from any city — the ladies are embarking on a fabulous vacation. But who really pays for these real housewives trips?

The destinations are usually exotic, and the cast members usually stay in ultra-luxury homes or resorts filled with sweets, booze, and goodies to have a good time.

Travel seems extremely expensive, what about global destinations and private chefs, leaving many fans wondering: are the housewives paying the money for their trips or is Bravo picking up the bill?

Mega-producer Andy Cohen revealed the answer during a chat with OKAY! magazine.

“We do”, the Look what happens! the host said when asked who was paying real housewives casting trips. “Honestly, yes, yes. But you know, it depends on the holidays actually.”

Cohen explained that sometimes the production plans the trips, and sometimes the housewives do.

“Some were generated by us and some were generated by them. Women take vacation planning very seriously and so it’s on a case-by-case basis, but we paid for them, yes,” He shared.

In his book The Housewives: The Real Story Behind The Real Housewives, Housewives Expert Brian Moylan revealed that Bravo covered the cost of the vacation. The author also dove deep into the dynamics of travel.

“Every journey begins with the showrunner setting a budget,” he wrote, according to a snippet shared by Vulture. “It should be done for every trip, not just glamorous international vacations, but also little jaunts out of town, invitations to a housewife’s second home, or even a day trip to an orchard. apple trees in upstate New York for Sonja to piss in a corn maze.”

“In addition to the budget, producers must state why they are going on the trip, what stories they hope to pursue during their stay, and which of the women is the alleged host,” he continued in his book, according to the extract.

Moylan noted that the reason for the actors’ trips is to push the ladies out of their comfort zone, which in turn creates “a recipe for tensions to boil over and the drama to escalate to the next level”.

While most people probably prefer their vacation to be as drama-free as possible, reality TV is definitely a different breed. But that’s what makes it so fun to watch.

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