Where to Go for Fall or Fall in the USA

But while New England has mastered its relationship with the season, this northeastern segment of the country isn’t the only option if you want to crack for fall. Far from there. The scale of the United States is such that autumn will take much of the next three months to traverse it – not finally ending its journey until mid-November, in the southern states widely praised for their subtropical temperatures and their heat almost all year round.

Along the way, he’ll bestow his Midas touch on regions just as scenically alluring as New England, but much less valued for their fall endeavors – wider parts of the Northeast better known for their big cities; the epic waterways of the Great Lakes, arcing, silvery and serene, towards the border with Canada.

And it will be there too, across the landmass, on a west coast that sometimes seems to exist in eternal summer, but bows to the rolling leaves just as romantically as the villages of Massachusetts or Maine. In other words, if you want to admire the fall, you have plenty of time and place to do so.

This feature offers 20 escape options in what, thanks to the pandemic and its various restrictions, will be the first American fall available to overseas travelers since 2019 – and, perhaps, all the more beautiful for the three-year interlude.

New England (key months: September, October)


Much of New England’s image as the spiritual home of American fall is pinned to a single image – a narrow country road, surrounded by trees with delicate bronze foliage. The spiritual home of this unique image, one might say, is the Berkshires, a region of low hills and small towns – idylls with evocative names such as Great Barrington and Cheshire – which rise at the western edge of Massachusetts. . It’s a place you can explore at your leisure, on a winding road trip. Or you could be more active…

How to do: Macs Adventure (0141 530 5452; macsadventure.com) offers a seven-day hike in the Berkshires that traces an upper portion of the Appalachian Trail to the summit of Mount Greylock, Massachusetts’ highest peak. From £1,525 pp plus flights.

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