What it’s like to stay at 12 Oaks Bed And Breakfast, the inspiration for Gone with the Wind surroundings


The Historic Twelve Oaks Mansion is highly regarded as one of the finest in the South with its themed rooms and historic backdrop.

The Twelve Oaks is the pre-Civil War southern home that inspired the mansion seen in the film Blown away by the wind. Since then it has been the filming location for many movies and TV series. It is considered one of the most beautiful homes in the south and is listed in the register of historic places.

The mansion has been completely renovated and is now open as guest rooms (and possibly soon for tours). You can choose between rooms with a luxurious spa bath or a room with a luxury copper boat bath. To visit and even stay in another famous house from a movie, you can visit and stay at the farmhouse used in the movie Conspiracy.

The history of the mansion

The story of Twelve Oak began in 1836 when Judge John Harris built the house as a townhouse. He had a large plantation nearby (which was also looted by Union soldiers in 1864 during Sherman’s march to the sea).

  • Built: 1836
  • Planting: Stolen by Sherman’s soldiers in 1864

You can actually read Harris and Sherman’s journal articles about Sherman’s month-long stay at the Harris Plantation at the Atlanta History Center.

Following the destructive war, the property was sold for a thousand dollars to Robert Franklin Wright who renamed the house The Cedars. It was sold in 1903 to a wealthy cotton broker. It was renamed, Whitehall. He also enlarges the mansion by adding the third floor with its dormers and enlarges the colonnade.

Tours of stunning pre-war homes like this have become huge draws for tourists from across the country. In 1948, William Bailey Williford described the flood of tourists to see the southern mansions as “one of the biggest invasions since Sherman’s army marched these streets to the sea. “

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His role as inspiration for Gone with the Wind

For those who watched the classic movie Blown away by the wind (1939), they will know Twelve Oaks – the Wilkes family home in Clayton Country, Georgia. In the novel he is described as “beautiful house with white columns that crowned the hill like a Greek temple“with the real charm and fantasy of the south.

The author of the novel, Blown away by the wind, was Margaret Mitchel. After seeing the house in the Atlanta Journal, Margaret Mitchell sent the clipping to Hollywood (who was working on the sets for Blown away by the wind) and said, “I like it for Ashley’s house.” They therefore designed the front in plywood and papier-mâché “Tara” based on Twelve Oaks.

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Stay at Twelve Oaks

Today, Twelve Oaks has been remodeled and is now open as a guesthouse and event center just a thirty minute drive from Atlanta. For those who wish to visit a haunted house, check out the Winchester Mystery House in California.

Administration hours

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Weekends: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Here is a selection of some of their suites – they have more. Prices may vary depending on the season. Check their website for more information and availability.

The Salvator Brothers Study Suite

This suite is located on the first floor and was formerly the estate’s office. It has superb mahogany woodwork and an original fireplace (now operating by remote control). It has original tiled floors, a bath and shower, and the antique fixtures give the impression of stepping back in time.

  • Cost: $ 325 per night
  • Bed: Queen bed

In the heat of the night Suite

It is a bright and sunny room located on the second floor. It has antique French doors and a private enclosed porch. The bath is an antique clawfoot tub

  • Cost: $ 265.00 per night
  • Bed: Queen bed

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A cozy bedroom on the third floor, it offers stunning views of the garden and has an old ladies’ desk in the skylight.

  • Cost: $ 275.00
  • Bed: Queen bed

Frankly Scarlett Junior Suite

Located on the first floor with great views through the massive columns, this room features a large antique four-poster bed.

  • To note: Minimum stay of two nights for this room
  • Bed: Queen bed

Twelve Oaks Suite

Located on the second floor and packed with luxurious accommodations. Two original fireplaces and a beautiful antique queen-size four poster bed. The main bathroom is very large with double sinks, double shower and claw-foot tub.

  • Cost: $ 573 per night
  • Bed: Queen bed

Towers of twelve oaks

On their website, they state that “tours are coming in Spring 2020” and tours are not offered at this time. It looks like they haven’t updated their website – perhaps visits have been delayed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. See their tours page for up to date information.

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