What are the best cities in Monmouth County?

Overall, County Monmouth is a really great place to live, and it wouldn’t be very easy to narrow down to 10 of the best cities to live in County Monmouth. But that’s exactly what a national publication did. Let’s see if you agree.

Let me start with this bomb. Colts Neck is not one of the top 10 places to live in County Monmouth according to this report. I was looking forward to hearing the top 10 when I thought Colts Neck was on the list. Now, I can’t wait.

The site that compiled this list was Niche, and wait to hear from some of the sources they obtained data from before making their list. They weren’t neighbors, tourists, and nice local people.

No, it was more like the FBI, the CDC and the United States, the census. So, it wasn’t like the list had come together without giving it too much thought. There is data here that seems very official. You know national security stuff or something. Who knows.

I know. You want access to the list that doesn’t include Colts Neck, right? Okay, but first I have another bomb. Ready? Spring Lake was also not on the list. What? So this list is trying to tell us that there are ten better cities to reside in Monmouth County than Colts Neck and Spring Lake? You had me good morning.

So let’s go. The best cities to live in 2021, according to Niche.

# 10 Sea belt

# 9 Matawan

# 8 Morganville

# 7 Brielle

# 6 Robertsville

# 5 Manasquan

# 4 Rumson

# 3 Holmdel

# 2 Fair Haven

# 1 Little Money

I have to come back to my original point, that for me the omissions are more surprising than the cities that made the list. So I started to ask around. I asked people familiar with the area (but no information about the CDC, FBI, etc.) which cities they think should be on the list.

Even we locals recognize Rumson, Holmdel, Sea Girt and others, but I really think we should show some love to the other towns that weren’t on the list.

So I added my own unscientific opinions and we created our own top 10. It actually looks more like a “where I would like to live” list. See what you think.

Our Top Monmouth County Towns to Live in for 2021

Remember, our list has virtually no supporting data, just the love of some great cities in one of the most amazing counties in the state. Hope you enjoyed it!

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On the list, there is a solid mix of offerings ranging from large schools and nightlife to public and pedestrian parks. Some regions have experienced rapid growth thanks to the establishment of new businesses in the region, while others offer a glimpse into the history of the region with well-preserved architecture and museums. Read on to see if your hometown makes the list.

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