Wanamingo beats Dodge County in 80 minutes


The Wanamingo Jacks beat the Dodge County Diamondbacks 3-0 today at Memorial Field in Wanamingo. The game lasted approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Wanamingo pitcher Brady Anfinson threw 92 pitches, 70 catches with 5 hits, 6 strikeouts, no walks in the shutout win. Anfinson also benefited from the formidable defensive plays of Alex Roosen and the opening goal and Aaron Bauer on the third.

Dodge County starting pitcher Kasey Krekling (the Hayfield Vikings Class A State Champions head coach) retired after the first inning with arm pain. He threw 12 shots, 8 strikes. Allowed 2 hits in the inning.

With two strikeouts late in the first inning, Eric Swiggum clocked a 1-0 count over the extended fence from opposite right-field for his fifth homer of the season. It was the only race they would need.

Alex Roosen followed with a single but would be stuck on first base at the end of the set.

Diamondbacks first baseman Hayden Sheerhan jumped on Anfinson’s first pitch in the second inning to hit a single. With one out, Cam Rutledge hammered a single.

Brady Nelson hit a ball that looked like it should reach the hole in second base when Jacks first baseman Alex Roosen reached out and knocked it over. Roosen then returned the ball to Anfinson to cover the opening goal. The runners moved on to second and third.

Dodge County No. 8 batter Erik Bungum threw up a lazy 0-2 ball to shallow right field to end the inning.

At the end of the second set, Gavin Roosen would have just one out for a single. During Braxton Baker at bat, Roosen would head to second base. The catcher’s throw sailed to the center. Roosen never hesitated and went to third base just by beating the tag.

Baker hit a ball deep into the outfield to score Roosen, making it 2-0 for Wanamingo.

At the end of the 5th inning, Baker was hit by a throw with an out. A second out was recorded before Peder Sviggum hit the ball to right field. The right fielder dived, letting the ball pass through him and roll to the fence, scoring Baker and putting Sviggum on second base. The Jacks had a 3-0 lead.

Anfinson scored 11 straight batters before Diamondbacks No.9 hitter Zach Nelson (who came in for Krekling after leaving the game with a sore arm) opened the 6th inning with a solid single.

Top hitter AJ Yusten (Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School Baseball Head Coach) hit in a 4-6-3 double play. Devin Knudson was absent after a left field ball. Anfinson took advantage of a set of 3 throws from the Diamondbacks.

Zach Johnson also took advantage of an 8th inning with three throws to finish the last 7 innings with 66 throws pitched, 48 catches. He allowed 3 hits, had no walks, 6 strikeouts and hit a batter.

Wanamingo got a triple with a strikeout from Alex Roosen late in the 6th inning, but he was left there. Zach Johnson then put out the last 8 batters. Johnson also retired 9 consecutive times from the second to the fifth inning when Baker was hit with a 1-1 pitch.

The two points allowed by Johnson were not earned in my scorecard.

Dodge County had a two-out double in the 7th inning and a double one-out in the 8th, but Brendan Knoll and Erik Bungum were both second at the end of the innings.

Anfinson threw 11 shots to register the game’s last three strikeouts.

The Region 5C playoffs will be ranked after next weekend. Wanamingo plays a makeup game with Rochester on Monday night at Hudson Field. The latest ranking on the Twin Rivers League webpage on the Minnesota Baseball Association’s website saw the Jacks win a game at the top of the losing column with the Rochester Roadrunners just ahead.

Wanamingo welcomes Owatonna for a double program on Saturday. We plan to broadcast the second game of this double-sided program on KDHL Radio, 920 AM, 97.9 FM and on the KDHL app heard worldwide. It will be 7 round matches. Coverage will begin around 2:50 p.m.

The Jacks end their season Sunday, July 25, 2021 against Winona in Wanamingo.

Dodge County fell to 5-8 overall, 5-7 in the league. The Diamondbacks end their season with home games in Kasson at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday against the Rochester Roadrunners and Friday in Kasson simultaneously against Austin.

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