Ukraine registers 400 cases of destruction of cultural heritage sites since start of war

About 400 cases of destruction or damage to Ukrainian heritage sites have been documented since the start of the Moscow-Kyiv war, the war-torn nation’s culture ministry has said. According to Kyiv Independent, the ministry is using 3D printers to document Ukrainian heritage sites, with the aim of preserving them. As the Russian-Ukrainian war entered its 114th day with heavy shelling of Ukrainian cities, Ukrainian experts inspected two cultural sites in Chernihiv Oblast destroyed by Russian shelling this week with the help of the Latvian ministry of Culture and Technical University of Riga.

In addition to this, two sacred monuments in Lviv and Kyiv oblasts were also inspected. The aim is to preserve and restore sites that were destroyed by Russian bombing, the ministry said.

In June, embattled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Russian bombing had damaged more than 113 churches across the country, just days after admitting 200 historical sites had been destroyed. On June 4, Zelenskyy said that among the dozens of churches destroyed were those that resisted the Nazis during World War II and those built after the split of the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that retreating Ukrainian nationalists burned down a wooden monastery in Svyatogorsk, Donetsk Oblast on June 4. The ministry said in a statement: “On June 4, Ukrainian nationalists set fire to a wooden Dormition Laura monastery of Svyatogorsk as the 79th Air Assault Brigade of Ukraine was withdrawing from the city of Svyatogorsk of the Republic People’s Republic of Donetsk,” TASS reported.

Ukrainians lost their lives due to the Russian invasion

In its latest update, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights noted that 4,481 people lost their lives in the war, while 5,565 others were injured. Donbass suffered the highest number of casualties, with 2,611 dead and 3,103 injured. Despite the fact that the total number of civilians killed in the Moscow-Kyiv conflict is likely to be higher, the UN said the total number of civilians killed in the conflict exceeded 10,000. According to the report, the The majority of injuries were caused by large effective area “explosive weapons”, such as heavy artillery fire and multiple rocket launchers, as well as missiles and air attacks.

In addition, the UN rights chief has condemned the scale of death and damage in the Ukrainian coastal city of Mariupol, saying the images clearly show Russian forces committing war crimes in the conflict-torn country. . Michelle Bachelet said information collected by the UN agency reveals serious violations of international law by Russian forces during a speech to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

She said: “The intensity and extent of the hostilities, destruction, death and injury strongly suggest that serious violations of international humanitarian law and gross violations of international human rights law have taken place.” .

Bachelet also noted that his agency has documented more than 1,348 civilians killed, including 70 children in Mariupol.

(Picture: AP)

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