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Brian Cox’s adventures in space and time

9 p.m., BBC Two

Everyone’s favorite soft-spoken physicist returns for this series, looking back on their decade of science documentaries and putting together some of their most mind-boggling footage to try and answer fundamental questions like the existence of aliens, what is it all about. gravity and if we ever will be. capable of living in space. Presenting from the Royal Institution in London, Cox draws on material from hit BBC shows such as Wonders of the Universe, Forces of Nature and The Planets. Ammar Kalia

Asia: our wild adventures

8 p.m., BBC Two

Natural history presenters dig through archives for memories of Indonesia and Mongolia. Steve Backshall remembers being chased by Komodo dragons, while George McGavin looks back on a school of Sumatran orangutans. In addition, Gordon Buchanan on the Kazakhs using golden eagles for hunting. Jack Seale

Call the midwife: special delivery

9 p.m., BBC One

Miranda Hart in Call The Midwife. Photograph: BBC / PA

With the series finale tonight at 8 p.m., this special documentary looks back on 10 years of BBC drama. There is a dark trawl through the show’s historical stories, including thalidomide births and FGM, as actors like Jessica Raine and Miranda Hart speak about their time on the show. AK

SAS: who dares wins

9 p.m., channel 4

Our remaining recruits are paired up for this week’s set of challenges, all of which revolve around the theme of chemical warfare. First, the pairs must operate while exposed to CS gas, and then they must perform an extraction in ice water, without those that cannot function effectively as a team being removed. AK

Cruise with Jane McDonald

9 p.m., Canal 5

This is the last episode in the McDonald’s miniseries and it continues on the nearby waterways, ascending the Thames with friends to celebrate its 70th birthday. They have lunch at the Michelin-starred Waterside Inn in Bray, before guide Sarah Jane shows the group the Cliveden Estate. AK

Inside KFC: Fast Food Secrets

10 p.m., channel 4

Another dive into the world of the fast food giant, as the test team jumps on the literal gravy bandwagon, approving a new burger full of stuff and a questionable “ Gravynaise. ” Meanwhile, the chain’s store in Gatwick is suffering as Covid turns the airport into a ghost town. Hannah j davies

Choice of film

Coco. Photography: Allstar / Pixar / Disney

Coco, 3 p.m., BBC One

Pixar expands its cultural horizons with this glorious and poignant fantasy animation, taking the Mexican Day of the Dead festival as the starting point for a boy to discover his family’s past. Young Miguel believes he can learn the truth about his wandering father through a journey through the fantastical and slightly trippy Land of the Dead. Simon wardell

Live sport

Tennis: Roland-Garros 9:30 am, ITV4. Coverage of the opening day of the French Grand Slam.

Rugby Union: Exeter Chiefs v Newcastle Falcons 1 p.m., BT Sport 1. Sandy Park Premiership match.

French football: Lyon Femmes v Paris Saint-Germain Femmes 8pm, BT Sport 1. Clash of Division 1.

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