Top five movies to watch if you liked Free Guy: The Lego Movie, Ready Player One, others


Free Guy Sci-Fi Comedy released Thursday in India. In this director by Shawn Levi, Ryan Reynolds stars as an NPC or non-player character in a fictional video game called Free City, a sci-fi comedy by Shawn Levi.

In the film, Guy, the character of Reynolds, realizes and realizes that he is an artificial creation, ultimately sinking into an existential crisis.

The film, apart from being super fun, is also meaningful and tackles complex topics such as the dangers of extreme capitalism, the portrayal of violence in pop culture, finding meaning in life, and more.

Here are some movies to watch if you’re interested in the premises of Free Guys.

Lego movie

Written and directed by perhaps two of Hollywood’s most talented creators, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, The Lego Movie made what should have been a corporate cash grab one of the most significant films ever. from 2014. Similar to Free Guy, he had an ordinary, naive, upbeat protagonist called Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) who as a Chosen One is destined for big things. He must use something called Piece of Resistance to bring down Lord Business, an evil businessman. The premise may sound traditional, the execution is anything but.

Loan Player One

This Steven Spielberg film is based on a book of the same name by Ernest Cline. It’s a dystopian story that takes place in 2045, when people live in poverty in caravans stacked on top of each other in a neighborhood, rightly called piles. Life is understandably tough for Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan), a teenager who lives with his aunt in piles.

His only solace is a virtual reality game called OASIS. In OASIS, the limits of reality are your own imagination. It is the imagination that works overtime. The bright and fun world of OASIS is a nostalgic delight. Like Free Guy, the film is a pointed commentary on corporate greed.

Ralph’s wreck

Rich Moore’s 2012 Disney animated film explored the lives of video game characters, who were all NPCs, since the arcade game called Fix-It Felix Jr is only one player. When the lights go out, game villain Wreck-It Ralph is pushed back, while Fix-It hero Felix Jr is, well, treated like a hero. Ralph wonders if things could be different. Both entertaining and heavy, Wreck-It Ralph is a solid option for anyone looking to watch something similar to Free Guy.

The Truman Show

Unlike Free Guy’s Guy, Truman Show hero Truman is not a video game character. The world he inhabits is not a video game. However, since birth he has been kept in an artificially created Seahaven Island. He doesn’t know he’s on an elaborate reality TV show and thinks that’s his reality. Over the course of the film, he realizes the nature of his “world” and wonders if he wants to be in a comfortable and safe but artificial world or to face the uncertainty and dangers of the real world. The question is important.

The matrix

Easily one of the most influential sci-fi action movies of all time, a lot has been written about The Matrix already. While the movie playing on the surface is extremely entertaining, what goes on below the surface is what makes it exceptional. This film, directed by the Wachowskis, gave the world the concept of the blue pill and the red pill, the eternal philosophical conundrum that the Truman Show also alluded to. Is ignorance really happiness? Is a synthetic but pleasant life inside a computer program or similar man-made construct better than a hard life in the ruthless real world? Keep in mind that The Matrix is ​​much darker than the other entries on this list and is not a comedy.

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