Top 10 Things To Do Around Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland’s largest body of water is a magnificent oasis of shimmering blue water surrounded by the snow-capped Alps. Located on the border of France and Switzerland, Lake Geneva is a popular tourist destination all year round. Also known as Lake Geneva, it is the ideal destination for visitors of all ages and attracts jet-setters from all over the world. From outdoor activities and historic landmarks to world-class shopping and dining, there’s something for everyone on a trip to Lake Geneva.

ten Visit Glacier 3000

Visitors to Lake Geneva will love a thrilling cable car ride to Glacier 3000 to admire the breathtaking view of the Alps and the lake below. A popular spot for skiers and hikers, it has one of the highest elevations around the lake at 10,000 feet. The mountain peaks are covered in snow and ice throughout the year so that tourists can enjoy a winter wonderland even in summer. Daredevil travelers can even enjoy walking across the gravity-defying suspension bridge that connects two peaks.

9 Discover the Olympic Museum

Discover one of the most emblematic Olympic sites by visiting the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Built on the shores of Lake Geneva, the museum celebrates the spirit of the sporting event and how the Olympic Games connect nations around the world. It features interactive exhibits, memorabilia, films and documents that cannot be seen anywhere else.

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8 Explore Chillon Castle

Travelers visiting Chillon Castle will feel like they have stepped into a fairy tale. It is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Europe, thanks in part to its ideal location on a small rocky island just off Lake Geneva. Visitors can explore the entire castle in remarkable condition and the epic courtyards and discover the unique story that inspired the poetry of literary greats like Lord Byron.

seven Discover the old town of Montreux

The city of Montreux on Lake Geneva offers beautiful lake views, fabulous hotels and an enchanting old town. Tourists will love the museums, churches and quaint cafes dotted around the area. A 10-minute walk from the shore, the old town of Montreux is a great place to explore the pedestrian-only cobbled streets and colorful architecture. Incredible vistas await visitors at every turn, and the old town is the starting point for some popular hikes, including the Gorges du Chauderon trail that winds along the Baye de Montreux river.

6 Pay homage to a musical legend at the Freddie Mercury statue

While in Montreux, travelers should visit the famous statue of Freddie Mercury. The larger-than-life bronze statue is perched on the shore of the lake and pays homage to the musical legend who calls Montreux home. Visitors will often find the base of the statue covered in flowers and fan notes. One look at the view and you can see why Freddie Mercury once said: “If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux.”

5 Visit one of the oldest chocolate makers

Chocolate lovers should not miss a visit to Cailler House. It is the oldest chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland and has been producing chocolates for over a century using the finest local ingredients and sustainable cocoa. Travelers can enjoy educational tours that teach the techniques and history of chocolate making and even allow visitors to make their own chocolates. The gift shop offers plenty of opportunities to indulge in a lingering sweet tooth or purchase gifts for loved ones.

4 Take a day trip to Gruyère

Come for the cheese, but stay for the scenery. Gruyère is the birthplace of Switzerland’s most famous cheese and one of the most popular cheeses in the world. Visitors can tour La Maison du Gruyère, a working dairy showcasing cheese-making techniques and tastings. The town itself is picturesque, surrounded by rolling hills and full of cobbled streets and medieval architecture, well worth the train ride from Lake Geneva.

The towns around Lake Geneva are home to some of the best shopping in the world, allowing visitors to shop till they drop. From world-class luxury brands to unique boutiques selling handicrafts, there’s something for everyone. Whichever city you find yourself in, it’s worth taking a few hours to browse the shops and maybe treat yourself to something special. Switzerland makes lovely jewelry, watches, and toys that make great souvenirs to take home.

2 Take a walk on the flowery promenade of Montreux

For a nice morning excursion, travelers can grab a hot espresso in one of the trendy cafes and take a long walk along Montreux’s flower-lined promenade. The path stretches six miles along the shore of the lake and features colorful flowers from around the world, sculptures and public art installations. There are plenty of lookouts to enjoy the view and benches scattered a few hundred meters away to rest and simply enjoy the surroundings.

1 Swim on the beaches

During the warmer months, Lake Geneva is a popular spot for European travelers who enjoy swimming in the beautiful blue waters fed by the Rhône and Arve rivers. There are plenty of beaches and swimming spots around the lake, and it’s the best thing to do on a hot day. Travelers can pack a picnic, beach towel, good book, and bathing suit and enjoy an entire day by the water. If swimming isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities like stand-up paddleboarding and boating.

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