Three Northern Alabama Trails Added to National List of Special Places


Is it time for a walk in the woods? Or maybe a family meal in an outdoor pavilion? If you’re in the Huntsville area, the US Department of the Interior made three new recommendations today for special places to go.

The department has now listed three trails in the region and seven more across the country on its official list of “national recreational trails”. They join over 1,300 national trails across the country and four more in the Huntsville area on the list.

The new national trails are the Bethel Springs Recreational Trail System on Mount Keel, the Chapman Mountain Recreational Reserve Trail System, and the Green Mountain Recreational Reserve Trail System.

All three properties are nature reserves of the Land Trust of North Alabama. The land trust owns the land and manages the trail systems as well as five other public nature reserves in the region.

Here’s how the Home Office describes these new national trails:

Bethel Spring

“Bethel Spring Nature Preserve is a 360 acre property on Keel Mountain with 200 acres open to the public for outdoor recreation. The reserve currently offers hikers 1.8 miles of free trails to explore daily from dawn to dusk, including highland forests, working farmland, historic sites, an important spring and stream for the environment, as well as one of the largest waterfalls in Madison County.

Mount Chapman

“Chapman Mountain Nature Preserve is a 459-acre property located just east of Huntsville, Alabama. With 3.28 miles of trails to explore, the reserve offers hiking, biking and horseback riding trails, open daily from dawn until dusk. An 18-hole disc golf course offers another way to play outdoors, and a large outdoor pavilion at the trailhead provides space for gatherings.

Green Mountain

The Green Mountain Nature Reserve offers 4.9 miles of trails ranging from easy to difficult. The trail system offers the opportunity to explore natural features such as streams and waterfalls, as well as interesting historical features.

These trails join Blevins Gap Nature Reserve, Wade Mountain Nature Reserve, Monte Sano Nature Reserve, and Harvest Square Nature Reserve on the National List.

Want to know more about these national assets and the system they are part of? There is a link for that.

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