This Ontario Park has long stretches of sandy shoreline and a magical walking trail

If you love being by the water all summer, you should add a visit to Blue Lake Provincial Park to your list of things to do in Ontario. Known for its sandy beach and crystal clear waters, you can spend the day pretending you’re on a tropical vacation.

The beach curves around the quiet bay that is Blue Lake, hidden by a stretch of forest that you can also hike through. One of the park’s four hiking trails is a scenic walk through a magical wooded area.

Trees are scattered near the beach where you can find shaded areas to rest and even hang a hammock. A buoy line in the lake blocks a designated area for safe swimming. Feel free to bring your kayak or canoe for a calm blue water paddle.

The beach is also a great place to watch the sunset. From fiery orange scenes to clear pink skies, you can enjoy a golden hour with the sun falling asleep over the lake.

The Spruce Fen Boardwalk Trail is an easy one-mile trail where you can enjoy more of the park by taking nature walks and reading information boards. You may even spot a beaver.

Beyond the sand, water, and forests, the park features a variety of beautiful terrain. You can see Blue Lake Crag, a 25-meter high rock face, from the water. The Boulder Ridge Trail, another relatively short and easy hike, features some of these unique natural elements. You will walk through a forest, over a rocky ridge and over sand.

Blue Lake Provincial Park

Price: $12.25 per vehicle

Address: 1722 ON-647, Vermilion Bay, ON

Why you need to go: You can spend a leisurely day swimming in a clear blue lake, hiking unique trails, and relaxing on sandy shores.


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