This fangirl brings love to Bangor



YouTube’s Rupp Up and Away visited the Queen City due to an 18 hour layover and it was perhaps the YouTuber’s greatest life experience.

As a resident of the Bangor area, it is easy to live here without seeing its special qualities. Sometimes it takes someone from far away to express their joy about your small town so that you take a step back and feel grateful yourself.

The video begins with the host boarding a plane and then filming in her hotel room, where she dresses up to walk the streets of Bangor with a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. We listen to her as she receives a pronunciation lesson from a taxi driver on how to say exactly “Bangor” (pronounced Bane-gore).

Rupp Up and Away video via YouTube

From there, she roams the streets, wanders downtown and residential neighborhoods to spot a place very special to her, Stephen King’s home on West Broadway.

In the video, she visits a local cafe, the Briar Patch, and the Rock and Art Shop. She even walks through downtown parks.

But, her immense excitement is more palpable as she walks the sidewalks of Bangor. Her visit was in October, on a slightly hazy day, which brought in a bit of goosebumps – which she was broken with.

She says she’s a huge Stephen King fan, listens to a podcast focused on literary and cultural icon, The Loser’s Club, and loves her writing. She says she’s surprised how excited she felt walking the streets, exclaiming, “I never thought I would be a fangirl. I feel so emotional. cry or jump. ” She continues that she was eager to eat a lobster roll and says “that might actually make me cry”.

Discover the full video of his adventures:

Isn’t she the sweetest! So cunning! The video description really says it all:

Attention all fans of Stephen King, Fall and Spooky !!! I had a 18 hour layover that had everything to do with these three wonderful things! It has been a dream of mine to visit Bangor ever since I read my first Stephen King book. Most of his stories take place on the East Coast, particularly in Maine. He even owns a house right in the heart of Bangor, so I made sure to make a stop there! With IT being one of my favorites, it was fun to walk around and see some of the places mentioned in the book and see the city that inspired it all! Can you choose all of the IT benchmarks in this video? Thanks again for watching and as always, it’s a dream come true to be able to document my travels to share them with the world! See you next time !

We hope you enjoyed your stay here and thank you for bringing some fangirl love to Bangor 🙂

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