These exquisite tourist attractions in Kashmir will mesmerize you

Jammu and Kashmir attracts tourists throughout the year. Kashmir is known as ‘heaven on earth’ and its enchanting beauty leaves everyone in awe. From scenic valleys to stunning Chinar trees, Kashmir is very pleasing to the eye. A visit to Kashmir would not be complete without a boat trip to Dal Lake.

If you are planning a trip to Kashmir, you should definitely visit these tourist attractions in the valley.

Hazratbal Shrine
Hazratbal shrine is a very sacred place for Kashmiri Muslims. A lock of Prophet Muhammad’s hair is believed to be kept at the Dargah Sharif located in the Hazratbal region of Srinagar. Muslims from all over the country visit this holy place at least once in their life.

Dal Lake
Dal Lake is the most famous tourist attraction in Kashmir. With snow-capped mountains as a backdrop, a visit to Dal Lake is almost a spiritual experience. You can jump on the colorful shikaras that float on Dal Lake and see the beautiful Mughal gardens on its shores.

Lake Nigeen
Lake Nigeen is surrounded by a large number of willows and poplars. Hence, it is known as “nageena”, which means “the jewel in the ring”. Due to its relatively pristine waters compared to Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake is a major tourist attraction in Srinagar. The lake is sometimes considered part of Dal Lake and is connected to it by a narrow strait.

Surrounded by mesmerizing hills, Pahalgam is situated at an altitude of 2,130 meters in the Anantnag district of Kashmir. Tall pine trees and gushing rivers add to the overall charm of this place. Pahalgam is also known as a trekkers paradise.

Betaab Valley
The Betaab Valley has lush green meadows and offers panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains. Located between two major mountain ranges, Zanskar and Pir Panjal, the Betaab Valley serves as a base for many hikers.

Daksum is located southeast of Anantnag and is surrounded by beautiful coniferous forests. A gushing stream runs through Daksum. You can plan a day trip to Daksum and enjoy a peaceful picnic there.

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