“The Cartoon Guide to Physics”: 35% off the original comic book on Amazon

Comics can be a great way to get kids interested in reading and science. That’s why Larry Gonick’s “Cartoon Guide to Physics” would be a fun and educational gift for your child or anyone curious about physics.

While not a replacement for children’s textbooks, this cartoon guide will immerse you in serious physics concepts, from electricity and magnetism to Einstein’s theory of relativity and more. And you can hang a copy for 35% discount on Amazon for Black Friday. The comic black-and-white drawings immerse readers in the tale of two main characters: Lucy, an astronaut, and her accident-prone sidekick Ringo. Good old Galileo also makes an appearance, as he wonders if a feather would fall slower than a brick into the void. Surprisingly, as you may know, he finds that everything, regardless of mass, falls with the same acceleration.

Funny illustrations and silly stories should keep any scientist or non-scientist engaged. According to the cover of the book, “If you think a negative charge is something that shows up on your credit card bill – if you imagine Ohm’s Law dictates how long to meditate – if you think Newtonian mechanics will fix your car, you need The Cartoon Guide to Physics to get you back on track. ” In addition, during your next holiday party, you will have lots of interesting ideas to make your presence, shall we say magnetic?

More science comics

If you skim through The Cartoon Guide to Physics with flying colors, continue this party train and check out other Larry Gonick books, such as “The Comic Book History of the Modern World Part 1: From Columbus to the Constitution of the United States, “(also 30% off Amazon) where you’ll get a fun look at everything that has shaped the world over the past 500 years, including the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the evolution of scientific thought, Communism, fascism, Nazism, cold war, globalization, etc.

You can also consult “The Cartoon’s Guide to Biology“, where Gonick, along with biologist Dave Wessner, reveals a hilarious take on the science of life.

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