The best Thanksgiving hangover cure is the winner!

Black Friday is upon us and the deals going around could make anyone spend too much money. Relax, relax, charge for the Barstool Sportsbook. Money earned is the best and no one will change their mind. The day after a vacation is always interesting because everyone has a different role. The sister who gets up early to run and shower the night before for the most part gets up, the younger brother who is not yet home after a late night out in the local town, and then there is EBR ready to earn money. the money, relax and look for the leftovers. Panacea winners!

Only in Europe is a new squad expected to be formed after the original club failed to resolve a dispute with a brewing company. Sponsors are the lifeblood of these clubs and they help pay for the imports which allow you to win titles and in turn earn money for the owners. I can’t think of a better team to make the money when maybe a few cold Budvars would help ease the headache. This beer company is in constant conflict with InBev the big man in the room and if the team fights like this today should be an easy win for EBR !!

12:00 p.m. EST: Czech Extraliga- Mountfield HK ml -139

Klagenfurt is a picturesque city with its lakes and its old town. It’s not a party city like Munich, but there is plenty to do and probably best to visit in the summer. The terrace in the old town with a Schleppe Pale Ale. Pale Ale is very popular in Austria and can be found in abundance in the city. This team is the reigning Austrian champion and they must start the race to reach the top of the standings. The Schleppe beer and the Klagenfurt hockey team are hip together, but we hope the beers will stay out of the player’s hands until the return bus ride home.

1:15 p.m. EST: Austrian Ice Hockey League – Klagenfurt -155

Munich is a great city for all types of food and alcohol! The hockey team is always great and they have arguably one of the top 5 football teams in the world. This team averages around 8 goals per game and this bet is for those team members who have gone too far. Munchen is the team of people ordering a beer when the one in front of them is still half full. The beer halls are legendary in this town and the Hofbrauhaus is the most popular where you can find local food and lots of schnapps. But if I’m in Munich and beers are my way to victory, my choice is always a Weisenberger served in a tall glass. Local rule: every time someone at your table has a new drink, there is a cheering and everyone shouts “Prost!” Enjoy the atmosphere as much as the buzz.

1:30 p.m. EST: Germany DEL- Munchen Over 5.5 -162

We’re going to simulate the Barstool Sportsbook with these 3 games, then go to the Barstool Store and do all of our Christmas shopping before unloading on the NHL slate later today.

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