The best places in the UK to scatter the ashes of your loved ones – including the beaches


Everyone wants their last home to be special.

Whether it’s a picturesque place like a cliff or something personal like the family garden, you want to be buried or have your ashes spill in a beautiful place.

But whether you prefer to scatter your ashes in a river or on a ride to Disneyland, there are some factors to consider, like the weather and the terrain of the area.

There are many places in UK which are perfect for this purpose. These places are both picturesque and peaceful, which makes this difficult moment even more meaningful.

According to a new study by Life of the sun, Sandbanks Beach in Dorset is considered the most beautiful, dry and calm place to say goodbye, thanks to its golden sands and fantastic views.

The Seven Sisters Cliffs in Sussex

The second row was Seven Sisters in East Sussex, a series of limestone cliffs on the edge of the English Channel.

For those who want to scatter the ashes at sea, there are options available for boat trips that last up to an hour where you can scatter the ashes with your family and friends.

After Seven Sisters, Stanwick in Northamptonshire, a pretty village in Northamptonshire known for its picturesque places like Stanwick Lakes and Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows.

Wimbleball in Somerset and Carsington Water are the last two remaining places in the top ten, two magnificent reservoirs meant to create an atmospheric backdrop.

What about locations based on tranquility? For those who want a quiet atmosphere to say goodbye to each other, SunLife has found these places to be the best places:

  • Carsington Water – Derbyshire
  • Stanwick – Northamptonshire
  • Rutland Water – Rutland
  • St Bees – Cumbria
  • Vyrnwy Lake – Powys

It is important to remember that some of the most beautiful and peaceful places are not always easy to reach, some of them often being remote.

The view across the lake to Carsington Water, Peak District, Derbyshire, UK
The view across the lake to Carsington Water, Peak District, Derbyshire, UK

When looking for the most accessible places for families, here are the top five:

  • Peak District – Derbyshire
  • Pembrokeshire Coastal Park – Pembrokeshire
  • Loch Lomond – Stirling
  • Brecon Beacons – Powys
  • Northumberland National Park – Northumberland

Research found the Peak District to be the most accessible, with a total of 45 car parks located throughout the national park.

This was followed by the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coastal Park and the spectacular yet breathtaking Loch Lomond.

Ian Atkinson, Director of Marketing at SunLife, said: “It can be very difficult to find the right place to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Winners pass
Winners pass

“In a recent study we conducted, we found that less than one percent of people know the funeral preferences of their loved ones and for many that includes where they would like their ashes to be scattered.

“So we wanted to help those in mourning find the perfect spots among the great natural beauty and scenic landscapes of the UK – whether on the coast, in the mountains or in the countryside.

“A lot of people may not consider how popular a place is, its weather or its accessibility, so whether you honor someone’s last wishes or choose a location yourself, we hope our research can help you. to help. “

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