The best national and state parks in Texas, according to Condé Nast


Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park

Entrance sign for Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park Headquarters and Visitor Center in Johnson City Texas. (Photo by: Don & Melinda Crawford / Education Images / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park is located in central Texas, approximately 80 km west of Austin, in the Texas Hill Country. The park protects the birthplace, home, ranch and final resting place of Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States.

You can tour the grounds of Johnson’s childhood home in Johnson City, then drive 14 miles to the LBJ Ranch and the Texas White House, where you can walk past his birthplace, an exhibit barn, a small school and the Texas White House (which is temporarily closed to interior visitation due to structural issues).

“As you walk around, imagine the former president, known for playing pranks on his guests – like the time he loaded dignitaries into a vehicle, rolled it down a hill and into a pond, shouting that the brakes had failed He didn’t Don’t tell them it was an amphibious vehicle, designed to ride on roads and float in water, “Conde Nast said.

It’s about an hour and 30 minutes north of San Antonio.

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