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Visitors to Elizabeth City will now have an easier time finding local historic sites and places to eat and shop as new orientation signs are installed.

The Tourism Development Authority is spending approximately $ 220,000 to manufacture and install 52 orientation signs in the city and other locations in Pasquotank County.

The first signs were installed in the city center on Wednesday by Charlotte-based Signs Etc.

Elizabeth City chief executive Corrina Ruffieux said seven signs were installed downtown on Wednesday. Installation of the remaining panels is expected to be completed within the next few weeks on a project that began two years ago.

“It’s a project that has been in the works for a long time,” said Ruffieux. “It was a complicated project from planning to finding the best locations for the panels, to designing the panels and getting all the necessary approvals.”

Orientation signage is designed to help residents and visitors navigate Pasquotank County and find its attractions more easily.

Ruffieux said the focus is on orienting visitors to public parking spaces.

“We encourage people to find a place to park,” Ruffieux said. “It means people will go out and visit our businesses and spend money. “

An information booth downtown will cost approximately $ 24,750, while 27 larger “boulevard orientation signs” will cost $ 5,035 each, or $ 135,945 in total. Smaller panels will also be installed.

There will be a double-sided sign at Mariners’ Wharf Park and another at Waterfront Park at a cost of $ 4,290.

The project was funded by Visit Elizabeth City, the City of Elizabeth City and the County of Pasquotank, with each entity contributing approximately $ 75,000 to the project. The city and county’s money comes from their share of the occupancy tax revenue they receive from the Tourism Development Authority.

TDA also spent $ 30,000 last year to hire Bizzell Design of Belmont to plan the project and design the panels, but that figure is separate from the price of $ 222,000 to fabricate and install the panels.

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