St. Catherine Creek Wildlife Sanctuary Sibley and Butler Units Remain Closed – Mississippi’s Best Community Newspaper


SIBLEY – Skye Kreisler, manager of the St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge, said the refuge was closed on Sunday when Hurricane Ida swept through the area. Currently, the Sibley and Butler units of St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Area are closed.

There is no timeline for their opening as Kreisler was unable to verify the conditions of the refuge. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has a protocol and a to-do list the refuge would follow in the coming days. She told her staff they didn’t have to come to work on Monday and asked them to stay home with their families.

“I can’t assess the damage until, at the earliest, Tuesday,” Kreisler said. “The roads need to dry out a bit. With all this rain, the roads became saturated. Tuesday, I hope to have a better estimate of the damage.

On Saturday, migrating waders perched in the trees deep in the forest near the swamp. While some birds stayed on the margins for food, their activity was considerably lower than their average behavior. She said the birds had sunk deeper into the woods on Sunday.

“I’m interested to see how the wildlife is changing,” Kreisler said. “I haven’t had the chance to see yet. I noticed the white egrets were deep in the woods (Sunday.) How the birds know the weather is coming is mind blowing. It was as if they were hiding and taking shelter. “

She spent Sunday evening sweeping visitors to ensure their safety. Visions of trees landing on a storm visitor had crossed her mind, she said.
The birds are heading to St. Catherine’s Creek earlier than expected, she said.

“Some birds that are not yet here have been blowing the last few days,” Kreisler said. “They had to follow the current of the wind. I can’t wait to see what kind of birds will be here.

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