See Kommetjie through the lens of a local photographer, and it’s stunning!

French photographer and master of candid photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson said: “Photography is an austere and flamboyant poetry of reality”. A creative art. Sensitive. A powerful means of expression. Photography has a way of soothing the soul, while evoking so many strong feelings, and that’s exactly how I felt watching San Dee Williams’ writes Micayla Vellai of Cape {town} Etc.

A stern trawler on the horizon at Kommetjie. Photo: San Dee Williams

In a scrolling moment, I had to take a second to stop and rewind (you know that feeling, right?). Unable to understand how an image, a scene, can be captured so beautifully.

Speaking to the Capetonian talent behind the lens, San Dee said she had traveled extensively in South Africa and abroad and discovered her passion for photography in Canada. The lakes and the colors filled her with wonder, she recalls.

Although she didn’t have a decent camera at the time, her niece was kind enough to lend her one. And after taking a few photos, walking away and observing what she captured, she was impressed with her art.

“Nature, nature, nature and animals is what inspires me,” San Dee said when asked about the inspiration behind some of her jaw-dropping images. She goes on to cite landscapes, ocean, waves, sunsets, flowers and birds on her list of favorites to behold.

“With animals, I try to capture the eyes and wonder what they are thinking… Taking [photographs of] sunsets, I try to capture the best moment,” adds San Dee.

She loves walking around the seaside village of Kommetjie and exploring the abundance of beauty it has to offer. From surfers flocking to ride the waves of long Kommetjie Beach to marveling at the site of Slangkop Lighthouse which was built in 1919, this scenic gem has it all.

Take a look at the beautiful shots of the dazzling ocean here.

A myriad of colors in Kommetjie. Photo: San Dee Williams
The murmur of the ocean. Photo: San Dee Williams
A touch of color dances in the sky. Photo: San Dee Williams
Long Beach in all its beauty. Photo: San Dee Williams
Magnificent views. Photo: San Dee Williams

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Pictures: San Dee Williams. Shared with permission | Do not redistribute

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