Rose-Hulman MLK Day Event Features Pioneering Mars Rover Engineer | Local News

Interested participants can register at “Dr. Cooper’s remarkable life story shows that people’s aspirations can be limitless,” said Nick Davis, director of the Center for diversity and inclusion of Rose-Hulman “She is a great role model for our students, especially women in science and technology, because she can easily relate to them and their career ambitions. She has achieved her dreams, and they can too.

Cooper’s work with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is seen as integral to the Perseverance rover’s ongoing mission, since it landed on February 18, 2021, to determine if Mars could be habitable for humans. She is also responsible for protecting the Red Planet from any contaminants from Earth.

Cooper is the recipient of several awards, including the NASA Early Career Public Achievement Medal, the Charles Elachi Award for Exceptional Early Career Achievement, and the JPL Voyager Awards for Technical Leadership.

Cooper enjoys talking about her work to children from underrepresented communities and has appeared on the TV shows ‘Because Space’ and ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’. She enjoys introducing people to the wonders of the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), and empowering organizations and others to achieve their dreams and overcome obstacles which she imparts from articulated way through the story of his life. After graduating from high school at age 16, Cooper studied physics as an undergraduate, earned a master’s degree, and earned a doctorate in mechanical engineering at age 24 with a thesis on spacecraft materials.

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