Rockland Police Launch ‘Operation Brain Freeze’


Positive reinforcement is a great tool and one that the Rockland Police Department recently put into play according to an article on their Facebook page.

They’ve teamed up with several local businesses and launched a delicious and important public safety campaign called “Operation Brain Freeze”.

This is to promote compliance with helmet laws that are in place to prevent traumatic brain injury.

Personally, I didn’t even know it was a law but in fact the Maine Statute Title 29-A, 2323 says “A person under the age of 16 who is a driver or a passenger on a bicycle or a driver of roller skis on a public road or a public cycle track must wear a helmet that is properly fitted, correctly positioned and securely fastened to the head by helmet straps. “

So how does all of this relate? Good question. Here is the answer: if a police officer is on patrol and notices that a child is riding a bicycle, skating on a skateboard, or riding inline skates or a scooter AND is wearing a helmet correctly security, the police officer will reward the child with a voucher for a free ice cream cone from one of the participating local businesses; either the Rockland Dairy Queen or the Rockland McDonalds.

For security reasons, only officers in uniform and driving marked police cars or those on police bicycle patrols will participate.

It also allows an officer to emphasize how important it is to wear their helmet and answer any questions children may have.

Also, thanks to the generous offer from Aurora Masonic Lodge in Rockland, if a child needs help getting a helmet, they have agreed to donate helmets for those in need.

It really takes a community to take care of each other and it is heartwarming to know that we have so many like-minded communities in Maine.

And congratulations to the Rockland Police Department for organizing “Operation Brain Freeze”

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