Reviiv Knee+ works wonders on your sore knees with its dual light therapy

Relieving knee pain and speeding up recovery has never been easier or more convenient with Reviiv’s Knee+. With a modular design that approximates areas of discomfort and pain, the Knee+ uses both LED and medical-grade lasers emitted from panels directly against your skin, held in place by strong yet comfortable straps. This team of LED and laser light therapy is designed to stimulate blood flow to damaged tissues around your knee, providing fast relief for sore knees and improving the rehabilitation of damaged joints.

Designer: Reviiv Design Labs

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40% of the world’s population suffers from chronic knee pain, either due to poor lifestyle choices or the curse of genetics, age and location. Relieving this kind of pain doesn’t have to be pain either, and the Reviiv Knee+ makes it almost too easy to relieve this suffering and even boost recovery in the process. The Knee+ consists of three parts that can be easily taken apart for packing and travel, using adjustable magnetic straps to secure the lightweight panels around your knee while providing enough flexibility for different knee shapes and sizes. You place these panels directly over painful areas so they can work their double-light magic more effectively.

It may sound or sound like magic, but the Knee+’s dual light therapy is based on hard science. Light is an underrated means of healing by enhancing mitochondrial functions to regenerate damaged cells faster and more efficiently. This photobiomodulation process is behind Reviiv’s miracle, using a tandem of 650nm deep red LED lights to target cells at the surface level and an 808nm deep near-infrared laser to penetrate deeper into tissues and joints. The device’s fast-acting relief and long-term healing benefits make it perfect for a wide range of people, from athletes resting after a strenuous workout to patients recovering from injuries and sprains at almost anyone suffering from chronic joint pain due to different factors. Knee+ will also likely be popular with arthritis sufferers.

Just because it has the word “therapy” in it doesn’t mean you have to drag a big box around to use the Knee+. It was designed with extreme portability in mind and can easily slip into a gym bag or your bedside drawer. As well as being adjustable, the modular construction allows you to easily take it apart and drop the light panels into the magnetic charging station for both charging and safe storage. The Knee+ is also so easy to use that you won’t have to worry about seeking help from a medical professional to get started. Everything is largely automatic, including the dosing cycle that Knee+ calibrates for you. Portable, easy to use, and costing less than $300, the Reviiv Knee+ will quickly get you back on your feet and on the path to knee relief and recovery without breaking the bank or breaking the bank.

Click here to shop now: $269 $499 ($230 off). Hurry, there are only 5 left! Over $450,000 raised.

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