Reddit user creates imaginary and expansive Metrorail map for DC region


One Reddit user has created an epic and fantasy Metrorail map, drawing three new lines and adding extensions to almost any existing route.

Reddit user u / twoninehigh designed an imaginary map of the DC subway. (Courtesy of Reddit / twoninehigh)

Picture this: Metro stops at BWI Marshall Airport and Dulles International Airport. An Adams Morgan station. A more robust train system connecting the whole region.

Sounds dreamy, right?

One Reddit user has created an epic and fantastic Metrorail map, drawing three new lines and adding extensions to almost any existing route.

The imaginary pink line would take passengers from BWI Marshall to Baltimore, to Annandale, Virginia. The Golden Line would run near some of DC’s biggest tourist attractions, including monuments and the National Arboretum. The pink or orange lines could get people to Georgetown. Stop at Shirlington, Adams Morgan, Navy Yard, and the National Harbor without stepping out of the Teal Line.

This map shows access to suburban neighborhoods, hospitals, historic sites, government buildings and more in the DC area.

The designer of the card, with the username u / twoninehigh, said that it was designed to “capture the brand and spirit of WMATA without damaging the design of the card too much.”

It is meant to be a semi-realistic extension of the current metro system. A Google Map has even been simulated.

There has been a lot of buzz on Reddit and Twitter in response to the card.

“It’s a thing of beauty. Fantasy is right, ”one user said.

Some said it would help alleviate the brutal Interstate 95 traffic. Another said it would be nice to take the subway to breweries in Leesburg, Virginia.

However, many questioned the costs and logistics of the construction, and said it probably wouldn’t be feasible.

So, “step back, the doors are closing” on this dream.

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