Randolph Baseball and Softball on their way to the state


The Randolph Rockets baseball team won the Section 4A championship with a 3-1 victory today over Mayer Lutheran at Murray Field. The Rockets fastpitch softball team landed their ticket to the MSHSL softball tournament next week after beating Faribault Bethlehem Academy 11-2.

in the baseball game, Randolph scored all of his runs in the 4th inning as pitcher Brandon Gerster went the distance scattering 5 hits in 7 innings, putting out 11 and walking no hitters. Gerster threw 103 pitches, 78 for catches while facing just 7 hitters above the low.

The Rockets had 3 hits in the game and got the most out of their base runners. With the goals loaded following a walk from Gerster, a single from Jacob Weckop and a single from Nathan Weckop, Mason Lorenzen was hit by a pitch to tie the game at the end of the 4th inning.

Head Coach Chris Stanton had courtesy runners for his pitcher and catcher. Wyatt Banaszewski took Gerster’s place on the bases and Tyson Cooreman ran for Nathan Weckop.

Drew Jenkins hit a single to score the other two runs. Lorenzen was sent off trying to reach the third base. The round ended with two fly outs.

Mayer Lutheran’s Crusaders took a 1-0 lead in the third set. They made two errors in the game as the Rockets played a ball flawlessly.

In the fastball game, Randolph scored in 5 of the six innings and, according to their score book, took advantage of 5 Bethlehem Academy errors. The Rockets had 6 hits, the Cardinals 4.

Senior Morgyn Otte struck out 10 catches and walked no hitters while throwing 77 pitches, 57 catches. Otte struck out all but two hitters from the roster.

Eighth graders Anna Tobin and Morgan Wilson each had hits with sophmore LIndsay Hanson for the Cardinals. Wilson clubbed a double.

Only 4 of the Rockets’ 11 races have been won by eighth-year pitcher Wilson. She put out 4 catches and walked 3 throwing 108 throws, 73 catches.

Randolph scored two runs in the second inning to take a lead they would never give up. The bottom of the second started with Meredith Taylor hitting a ball which resulted in an error. During the next at bat, she stole the second base. Carter Raymond hit a ball to right field scoring Taylor.

There was another Bethlehem Academy error over a shot from Carly Kimmes. Raymond scored on an Emma Davis sacrificial ball to make it 2-0.

There was a march before a Ground Out ended the round.

The Cardinals reduced their lead to 2-1 by scoring early in the third inning. Hanson had a single early in the inning followed by a Randolph error on Josie Rose’s stick. The two advanced to second and third after a ground ball in Otte. Anna Tobin reached first on an abandoned third strike that allowed Hanson to score.

Late in the third, Erickson walked to start the round for the Rockets. Otte hit the fielder’s pick, which resulted in Erickson pulling out on second base. Hannah Werner came to be Otte’s courtesy runner.

Meredith Taylor chose the right field. Raymond was hit by a pitch to charge the bases.

Werner scored from a passed ball. Taylor scored on wild ground. Raymond scored on a field and Randolph had a 5-2 lead.

The Cardinals would score their second point at the start of the 4th inning. Wilson hit a double after a strikeout. Courtesy runner Christine Sauer moved up to third on wild ground and scored on a Reagan Kangas on the ground.

Davis doubled down to start the bottom of the 4th inning. Lindsay Sundby ran and was advanced to third on a sacrifice bunt by Imogen Otte. Kimmes hit a ball on the ground resulting in an error allowing Sundby to score. Erickson hit a solid single to left field, followed by a two-point goal from Taylor to make it 8-2 Randolph.

Kimmes opened the bottom of the 5th with a double to the left and would advance to third base on a Patricia Ford Ground Out. Davis hit a ground ball that scored Kimmes to make it 9-2.

Tobin chose to start the top of the 6th for the Cardinals. After the second out, Wilson selected, but no points were scored.

A Bethlehem Academy error would open the bottom of the 6th allowing Erickson to win second base. Morgyn Otte chose. Raymond had a simple cavity following a ground out. Cheyann Freundschuh happened on an error. Two points would score on the game.

Otte struck out the last two hitters to seal the Section 4A championship with a 24-0 record ahead of next week’s MSHSL State Softball tournament.

There were no tournaments last year. The spring season has been completely taken over by the COVID pandemic.

Baseball and softball tournament coaches will be ranked on Saturday. Class A and Class AA baseball will be played in St. Cloud. All classes of softball to fastball play at Caswell Park in North Mankato.

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