Quad Cities Library Hosts Musical For Kids


The LeClaire Library will host Babaloo, a solo musical for children. In early summer 2021, many parents will be looking for activities to keep kids entertained and active.

This event and the summer reading program will do just that and more for all the kids in quadruple towns on June 9!

This summer activity will take place outside in Library Square, so be sure to bring chairs or blankets, and don’t forget your snacks! In case of rain, it will be moved inside the Huckleberry Park pavilion, so this event takes place in rain or shine.

Babloo concerts are tumultuous and noisy affairs, with chants and stomping, dancing and screaming, music and chaos.

You can join in the safety and fun next week, Wednesday, June 9, which starts at 6 p.m. This is the first in their summer reading program, which includes countless other fun events! Other events include a tropical forest experience at the zoo, science shows and many more which can be found here.

This event and the summer reading program are sponsored by the Friends of the LeClaire Library and take place between June and July. More information can be found here. As always, have fun and stay safe.

If you or a group have an event this summer for 2021 that you would like to share with us, you can let us know on one of our social networks or here.

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The island city of Iowa

There is something unique about every city, but there really is something special about Sabula, IA. Known as “Iowa’s Island City,” Sabula is the only city in the state of Iowa located entirely on an island. Although not many people have been or live in Sabula, it is a quaint little town nestled on the Mississippi River.

Before showing you around “Iowa’s Island City”, let me tell you the story of Sabula. Sabula was created in 1835, according to History of Jackson County, Iowa, Volume 1 by James Whitcomb Ellis. Isaac Dorman and a man named Hinkley crossed the river from the Illinois side on a log and decided to settle on what is now Sabula. An Ohio couple, James and Margaret Woods would settle on Sabula about a year later in April 1836. Their son, Dr. EA Woods would buy Hinkley’s stake in the concession. Charles Swan and WH Brown would soon buy Dorman’s stake. The three men, Woods, Swan and Brown, then had the land marked out in 1837.
According to the Island City Harbor website, Sabula scanned a few names before landing on the city’s official name. In 1837, Sabula was first called Carrollport. The townspeople didn’t like the name because there was the name of a man who was Carroll and had a bad reputation. The city changed its name to Charleston, in honor of the first settler Charles Swan. The only problem was that there was already a city called Charleston in Iowa which caused a lot of confusion.
Sabula didn’t actually become an island until 1939. According to Wikipedia, in the 1930s, the Army Corps of Engineers built the system of locks and dams. In 1939, Lock and Dam No. 13 between Clinton, IA and Fulton, IL was constructed, which permanently inundated the lowlands to the west of the city. Along with the Mississippi River east of the city, this created the “Island City”. A sea wall was built around Sabula in 1957 for protection, according to the Island City Harbor website. This also made it possible to transform the southern sandpit into a marina.

I want to thank my mother Beth, her fiance Matt, my brother Nolan and my wife Ellie for accompanying me to Sabula. We always have fun on our travels and this one is no exception.

Now is the time to introduce you to Sabula, Iowa, The island city of Iowa.

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