Penticton offers one of the most affordable lifestyles in British Columbia

One of the only bright spots of pandemic life is how many people now have the ability to work remotely.

With this newfound freedom and flexibility, why not take full advantage of it and upgrade to a city surrounded by nature and landscapes who makes you feel like you’ve never worked a day in your life?

We found this place; the city of Penticton. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the city, there’s no nonsensical late-night traffic, no crowded buses, and there aren’t a million other people trying to get to the same place you’re going on a Friday night. . Not to mention it has one of the most affordable lifestyles in all of British Columbia.

Nestled between the beautiful Okanagan and Skaha lakes and one of the best year-round climates in Canada, residents of Penticton are living their dream; spend their day in a place that most of us are lucky enough to visit on vacation.

Surrounded by over 100 wineries within 20 minutes, and dubbed the craft beer capital of Canada by Lonely PlanetPenticton will give you that perfect glass of happiness that’s almost as amazing as your eyesight.

Location, location, location

Photo: GoToVan/Flickr

For many looking to relocate, it’s all about location. Penticton has just that. It is an adventure paradise with countless things to see and do.

Try rock climbing at Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park or hike the historic Kettle Valley Railroad Trail. If you’re more into the extremes, avid mountain bikers should check out Three Blind Mice or Campbell Mountain.

When it comes to water activities, it’s hard to beat boating, sailing, or kiteboarding on scenic Okanagan Lake or Skaha Lake.

If floating is more your style, look no further than the city’s River Channel. All you need is a float, sunscreen and a few friends to spend the day drifting down the river.


Photo: Natural Stream/Flickr

Penticton isn’t just for spring and summer. There are just as many activities to take part in during the colder months.

About half an hour away, you can find yourself at Apex Mountain Resort where you can spend the day downhill skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating.

Photo: City of Penticton

If you prefer flat surfaces, you can opt for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing at the Nickel Plate Nordic Centre, just a 45-minute drive from Penticton. The town is also home to free outdoor public skating rinks and numerous nearby snowshoe trails.

Penticton vacation lifestyle

You can visit Penticton for a weekend getaway or a summer vacation, but you probably never imagined staying there all year.

Whoever said there were too many good things never lived in Penticton. Feeling like you’ve beaten the Monday blues for good, you’ll have that stress-free vacation feeling for as long as you’re at it.

Penticton has seven public beachestwo pristine lakes and regularly organizes block parties.

It’s not just the breathtaking views or the seemingly endless activities right outside your door that will make you want to move. The general atmosphere in Penticton is much more relaxed, allowing you to completely get rid of the constant stress of the city.

Perfect for remote workers

Again, if you can work anywhere, why not Penticton? It’s a slower way of life with so much to do right outside your door.

When you do need some work done, there are plenty of places to do it. Penticton has a number of lovely cafes and coworking spaces where people can connect while getting things done in a more cooperative yet relaxed atmosphere.

Photo: Cowork Penticton

Cowork Penticton offers a downtown coworking office and community center with walk-in workspaces, bookable meeting rooms, and dedicated monthly memberships. There are also other unique local businesses that offer shared office space, so you’re sure to find a workstation that meets your needs.

Penticton is home to workers from all walks of life.

In a recent study, it was found that Penticton has attracted more remote workers in recent months, most of whom were people moving from Metro Vancouver.

In fact, the largest group of new Penticton residents who arrived between May and July were between the ages of 31 and 44 (the next largest group were children).

Of the 301 new residents who have arrived since January 2022, 18% are under 18, 72% are between 19 and 65, and 10% are 65 and over.

As for why they moved to Penticton, 31% said they moved for a job and 14% said it was because they moved because they were working remotely.

Median Home Price in Penticton

As Vancouver becomes less and less affordable, many are choosing to move away from the city. With one of BC’s most affordable lifestyles and great year-round weather, you might just be able to keep a few extra bucks in your pocket living in Penticton.


Photo: keepitsurreal/Flickr

Overall, living in a tourist town has its perks, no matter your age or interests. So if you’re working remotely, what are you waiting for? Make Penticton your home.

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