Pamplin Park launches new educational programs, website

Pamplin Historical ParkPamplin Historical Park and the National Civil War Soldier’s Museum have launched new educational programs and a dedicated education website.

Programs include traditional on-site programs and tours led by educational and interpretive staff, new self-guided tours, and now virtual programs streamed to the classroom from the park’s new Green Room.

A newly designed website at allows educators to review programming options and make reservation requests online.

Traditional on-site educational programs range from four to six hours and five programs are offered; A Soldier’s Life, Civil War Battles, The Civil War: Why They Fought, Plantation Life: The Agricultural Economy of the South and the Reconstruction Era. The park’s educational staff has designed a variety of school programs based on interactive and participatory learning techniques in accordance with approved Virginia Learning Standards.

Onsite program pricing starts at $9.50 per student. All educational experiences include a visit to the engaging and student-friendly National Civil War Soldier Museum, which tells the story of the 3,000,000 Americans who fought in the Civil War.

A structured audio tour leads students through realistic environments and engages them in interactive learning as they hear the words of their “comrade” – a real Civil War soldier – describing his life at camp, on the march and in the fight. State-of-the-art digital audio players bring incredible high-tech quality to the tour.

Self-guided educational tours are new to the park and allow you to explore the 424-acre park, historic homes, museums, and battlefield with students while learning at your own pace. Each self-guided tour booking starts at $6.50 per student and can include up to two in-person programs led by one of the park’s educators.

Educators can use several teaching resources such as “Walking into History: Field Trip Planner” which will enhance the experience with activities and provide suggestions to promote interactive discussions with students.

Self-guided tours of the park last two to six hours depending on your group’s itinerary and interests. While there, your group can visit four pre-war homes and visit a National Historic Battlefield. The four fascinating museums explore the lives of ordinary Civil War soldiers, life in the pre-war South, slavery, and the decisive battle of the Petersburg Campaign in 1865.

The park’s showcase, the award-winning “Duty Called Me Here” exhibit, combines recreated historic environments with an outstanding collection of artifacts. It also offers spectacular and interactive audio-visual devices that allow students to control their journey.

Virtual distance learning programs are now also available in the park. The same programs offered in person can now be presented live in any classroom. Live programs are $100 each for up to 35 students (one class).

Additional classrooms cost $65 per program session. Programs last 45 minutes and are offered between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

All programs require advance reservations by visiting the website at where you can plan your trip and request a reservation.

A Group Reservations Specialist will then follow up to confirm dates, times and other details. A variety of lunch options are also available for those who wish to stay on site for meals.

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