Overwatch 2 will ditch the widely hated Assault / 2CP maps


Although Blizzard no longer lit the Overwatch 2 release date during BlizzCon, when the sequel arrives, the franchise’s competitive mode will say goodbye to some of the game’s most hated maps.

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Many players have expressed their frustration with Assault (or 2CP) cards over the years. They can often lead to competitive games that end in a flash or go on forever. In 2019, in a Overwatch League marathon match between Atlanta Reign and Guanzghou Charge, Hanamura rose to 13 points, finishing 7-6 in favor of Atlanta.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan hinted during the presentation that the 2CP maps – Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries, Hanamura, Paris, and Horizon: Lunar Colony – might not fit in. Overwatch 2. “We are always exploring new game modes and we are also re-evaluating older game modes that people criticize more,” he said. “We think that maybe 2CP does not exist Overwatch 2 and maybe there’s a cool new game mode to replace it. “

Kaplan later confirmed that this would be the case on a Overwatch Discord server creator (via e-sport consultant Rod “Slasher” Breslau). “2CP Overwatch maps will always be available “somewhere” in [Overwatch 2], probably in Arcade somewhere, certainly in the custom [games]. But 2CP will not be in [competitive] and maybe not in quick play, ”he said. “We will be creating a whole new list of cards for [Overwatch 2] PVP, and neither will be 2CP. “

OverwatchBlizzard’s assault maps have proven to be a tricky issue for Blizzard over the years. Fans unfortunately weren’t impressed with Horizon: Lunar Colony when it debuted. Although the team later redesigned the map, she (and the map of Paris which does not like the world) have both been withdrawn from the Overwatch competitive fashion last year. They haven’t returned to the rotation, and it now seems unlikely that they will ever do so.

Last summer, Blizzard used the Experimental Map for an interesting purpose. This allowed players to try out what he described as a “failed experiment” for Assault cards with revised rules. Looking back, it looks like the team was struggling to find different ways to make the map type work, but in the end, the developers decided to throw in the towel and move on to something new.

That’s a bit of a shame, since Temple of Anubis and Hanamura (one of my favorite maps) have been part of Overwatch since Blizzard announced the game in 2014. But it’s laudable that Blizzard has acknowledged that 2CP maps don’t. are not something that fans are enthusiastic about. to keep in the game, so it shifts the focus to other game modes, such as Push.

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