Omani professor simplifies science to enlighten society

Muscat – Simplifying science for the layman and encouraging scientific thinking is something that comes naturally to Professor Haider Ahmed Jaffar al Lawati of Sultan Qaboos University.

Professor Lawati has taken it upon himself to make science simple and to communicate with the public through social media platforms, his Twitter account in particular, to share his scientific knowledge.

He holds myths responsible for hindering the development of societies and why some individuals resort to illogical means to find solutions to the challenges faced in life.

“Deviating from correct scientific thinking and sound analysis does not allow them to find practical solutions to address these challenges.”

One of the reasons for the lack of correct scientific thinking in society, he noted, is the lack of understanding of correct scientific concepts. “That’s why it’s vital to simplify science and connect it to the day-to-day reality of life,” he said.

Professor Lawati pointed out that simplifying scientific concepts plays an important role in making science attractive to young people.

He emphasized the role of researchers in actively encouraging scientific thinking. “A skilled researcher is able to simplify scientific concepts and share their research results with the community through various available means.”

Professor Lawati has a dedicated Twitter account – Sciences from Al – through which he endeavors to tweet frequently on science-related topics, in addition to periodically posting scientific articles.
He presented a radio show “Tales of Science” last Ramadan, in which he discussed various scientific concepts. He also published a book called “The Wonders of Science”, in which he presents a number of scientific concepts in a simple way.

“Simplifying science is a great way to impart knowledge to all segments of society to build a conscious person and a science-enlightened society.”

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