More Reasons Electric Cars Are Banned in Idaho

At the risk of boring gobbled granola yet again, another update on the futility of electric automobiles. The last comes from a story I read this weekend in the Wall Street Journal. If you can’t get past the paywall, let me provide a summary. The United States does not have the battery capacity. Some companies are making investments, but these pale in comparison to battery production in China. A hostile power. As retired General Jack Keane says, our two nations are at war, except for fire.

We just don’t have the resources

I’ve gone through many scenarios over the past few weeks and none are pretty. We are running out of rare earth ores needed for batteries. We do not have an ecological method to generate electricity for the conversion of the national fleet. I mentioned that people had been telling me for three decades that we were close to having long-range batteries. It doesn’t matter how much you love your Tesla or Leaf. For the moment, these vehicles are novelties.

Wishing does not happen

You can sputter and say, “Yes, but we need to make these changes now in order to save the planet and before we run out of oil!” OK, so wave your magic wand and make it happen.

There’s also a reason why business investment in technology is lagging. The people in charge of research and development are accountable to the shareholders. Investors are looking for returns. The majority plan to retire one day with more than bread and water.

Focus on good roads and good bridges

The left then demands that our bankrupt government fill the void. At the same time, the bridges are fall. Has anyone thought that we always need roads no matter how powerful our vehicles are?

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