Millions to Read History of Lassen Volcanic National Park in Eastern Publication – Red Bluff Daily News

Millions of people in the East will soon read an interesting story about the preservation and development of Lassen Volcanic National Park. This is according to a letter received by AL Conard of Red Bluff, president of the recently organized Lassen Volcanic National Park Association in San Francisco, from HH Dunn of Berkeley, Pacific Coast representative of more than forty wide-ranging publications.

Dunn wrote that he had been commissioned to prepare and transmit such an article to the following: The Christian Science Monitor, Boston; The Evening Transcript, Boston; The Dearborn Independent, Dearborn, Michigan; The Illustrated World, Chicago; The Scientific American, New York; Popular Mechanics, Chicago; Grit, Williamsport, Pennsylvania; People’s Science Journal, New York.

Dunn said the movement Conard represents will receive a large amount of free and favorable publicity in these publications, whose combined circulation is about three million, which means about twelve million readers.

“Any date, you can send me a description of the park; the volcanic and other wonders to be seen there; the history, both geological and otherwise, and insight into the plans of the Lassen Volcanic National Park Association, will add a lot to the stories I send,” Dunn added. “This is not an advertising plan. I do not expect or accept any feedback from you or the association, as my business is writing and selling articles to magazines and newspapers nationwide.

— March 23, 1922

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