Maine Turnpike to increase toll prices this fall


2020 has been a difficult year for most people and businesses. This includes some businesses that may not come to mind, such as the Maine Turnpike Auhtority.

According to a report from, the Maine Turnpike suffered revenue losses of $ 60 million due to declining passenger numbers.

To offset losses from last year, the Maine Turnpike Authority is proposing a $ 1 rate hike starting in November of this year. For example, at York Toll Plaza, this fare increase would drop from $ 3 to $ 4 for those paying in cash. There will also be additional fare increases for those who also use E-ZPass.

Maine Turnpike Authority Director Peter Mills said:

“The loss of income during the pandemic, combined with new bond constraints, makes it impossible to realize future investment plans without increasing tolls or adjusting discounts”

The Maine Turnpike Board of Directors has felt that increasing tolls is generally a better choice than postponing construction projects necessary to maintain the Maine Turnpike.

There will be three public meetings next month so that the Maine Turnpike Authority can hear public comment on the matter before making the changes.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the proposed changes and also to provide online feedback for the Maine Turnpike Authority.

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