‘Kira and Logan in the morning’ on 97.5 WOKQ is here

Oh my God, this took a long time to come! We’ve been teasing “March 7th” for weeks now and the day has finally arrived: our new morning show “Kira and Logan in the Morning” on 97.5 WOKQ.

The story of how Logan came into my life is crazy! It was his tenacity and perseverance coupled with a pinch of serendipity that won him the job.

We made this funny video to illustrate the day we met. Check it out:

Of course, we both have different sides of the story. You can check out my version and Logan’s version and decide which one you believe.

If you’re new to WOKQ or haven’t listened in a while, hello/welcome! My name is Kira and I have co-hosted the morning show on WOKQ for five years. Good God, how time flies!

I was born in Leominster, MA, the home of Johnny Appleseed (yes, he was a real guy) and the plastic flamingos that some people stick in their lawns were also invented in my town (not to brag). I grew up doing community theater my whole life and couldn’t imagine having a job where I couldn’t be completely wacky.

Fortunately, I found radio, a career where my craziness is encouraged and celebrated. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring all the nature New England has to offer. I love hiking, learning to ski (which isn’t pretty) and I love going to new restaurants and breweries with my husband, who you might hear me calling my boyfriend at the antenna.

We like to keep things exciting, fresh and fun.

As for Logan, he was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and now lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. For him, the Granite State is his playground, his gym and his therapist. He loves camping and enjoying everything the state has to offer, from the White Mountains to the coastline. He particularly enjoys hiking and spending time with his dogs and his fiancée. Oh, and he loves craft beer (definitely IPAs).

The new show will retain all the segments you’ve come to know and love: The Good Stuff, Famous People 411, Second Date Update and Kan’t Beat Kira. And of course, we’ll continue to bring you concert tickets to all of New Hampshire’s biggest country shows.

Can’t wait to hear more about the newspaper man with you every weekday morning from 5:30 to 10 a.m.

“Kira and Logan in the Morning” is going to be so fresh and fun, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Listen live here.

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