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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, work-from-home practices have become a way of life for most people. According to the Office for National Statistics in April 2020, 46.6% of those with a job worked from home. A whopping 86% did so as a direct result of the pandemic.

With around a third of an average person’s life spent working, maximizing work-life balance is essential. One way to do this is to choose the right location.

Opting for locations near seaside resorts and towns that are an hour to an hour and 30 minutes from Geneva or Nice airports, for example, saves time, allowing most of the time to be spent. time for fun activities, rather than moving around. Transfer times are best minimized to maximize time abroad.

France, just an hour and a half from London by train, is no stranger to great places to travel. Erna Low Property, legal and financial advisory experts specializing in real estate in France, have spotted areas that offer what property buyers abroad are looking for.

Les Carroz – Les Airelles

Based in the Grand Massif, France, Les Carroz d’Arâches is known for its ski area. Mountain karting and paragliding seem to suit the more adventurous travelers. While walking and mountain biking along the hiking trails, the lakes, rivers and valleys are suitable for all ages in warm weather.

Summer and fall, the activities of Carroz d’Arâches are varied. During the colder months, dog sledding, electric fat bikes, alpine roller coasters, and ice skating are popular activities to do. The Grand Massif has a large area of ​​265 km filled with slopes for skiers of all levels. The Grand Massif, as its name suggests, is one of the largest ski areas in France.

The family resort is just 10 minutes from the motorway which is 50 minutes from Geneva airport. The short distance means time can be maximized.

François Marchand of Erna Low Property explains: “Over the past two years we have seen a significant shift from those looking at Les Gets, often overpriced, to the newly popular Les Carroz; we expect this complex to grow stronger. With prices starting at just € 574,000 for a 3 bedroom apartment located downtown, it’s no surprise that the city is one of our most sought after resorts.

Nice in the south of France

Covid has changed where people want to live, with rural and coastal destinations being the most sought after during the pandemic.

Located in the south of France, Nice is an admired coastal city destination. It is a central hub for air, car or train travel. With a picturesque setting, a rich history and fine dining, Nice is popular among couples and young families.

Recent studies show that sellers have had difficulty selling properties in the Massif Central, Le Perche and La Creuse. Although all three are in scenic areas of France, they were found to be difficult to access. Nice and Les Carroz d’Arâches are quite the opposite. Both locations have quick and easy transport links.

Recent statistics show that French real estate is one of the most regulated markets in the world. During such an eventful period, the country, only 1h20 from London, was able to withstand this period.

Insight - Why are buyers looking for properties near airports?

Although renowned for its beauty and opulence, Nice is also affordable. Erna Low Property Sales Director Andrew Scatchard adds: “We particularly like this new Le Domaine de Spagnol property development in the residential foothills of Nice.

For those who wish to take advantage of the nearby connections, Monaco is only a 30-minute drive from Nice. It is considered one of the most luxurious tourist resorts in the world.

With the uncertainty of travel looming, if summer is too early to travel, winter is also a well-suited travel time. Nice is a nearby locality which offers sunshine all year round. Blue seas exist in the south and hills for walking and hiking can be found in the north.

Uncertainty still plagues overseas travel this summer. If you feel like traveling, be equipped for plans to change.

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