Indians are heading to unusual destinations to beat the blues pandemic


Visiting new destinations, traveling into the unknown, or discovering places few have had the privilege of seeing are some of the common goals that most people have at one time or another. The trip can be both an escape or a chance to rediscover yourself. It also offers great opportunities to diversify and broaden horizons. Most importantly, it provides excitement, quality family time, and a break from the daily grind.Also Read – UK in talks with India on recognition of vaccinated travelers following criticism of new travel rules

Traveling is perhaps the most productive hobby, and that time doesn’t always have to be spent outside the country. Read also – A guide for adventure lovers in the Seychelles

The COVID-19 outbreak had been devastating for people and crippling financially for several businesses, the largest of which was the travel industry. During the nationwide lockdown, people couldn’t travel to the next district, let alone another country. However, with the increase in the number of people vaccinated, the pandemic appears to be under control. Since international travel is expensive, requires strict quarantine procedures, and international flights have a higher risk of infection, travelers have now started looking for domestic destinations. Indians are showing increasing interest in visiting lesser known places in India. Also read – Planning a trip to the Maldives? How to travel to the Maldives on a budget and Covid-19 travel guidelines

Why is domestic travel gaining so much popularity now?

  • Discover India: Foreigners from all over the world especially from developed countries like USA, UK etc come to India to meet up, learn about yoga, understand the rich heritage and traditions, or go through a spiritual awakening. Now Indians have also rediscovered the importance of such trips and are trying to tap into all that this amazing country has to offer. India has it all in abundance, architectural wonders, beautifully constructed temples, scenic nature parks, and secluded hilly areas with waterfalls and lonely lakes. More importantly, travel payment options such as partial payment or monthly payment structure are more prevalent in India than in any other country.
  • Working from home is getting claustrophobic: Some lucky businesses could transition to working from home and ensure business continuity during the nationwide lockdown. At the WFH, however, the lack of breaks, commuting time to work and other leisure activities has completely disrupted the work-life balance. Being locked in four walls and working where you live has frustrated many employees, pushing them to burnout. Holidays and travel have become a necessity for them. Instead of enduring the hassle and waiting period of overseas travel, many people have found their break by taking working vacations and vacations to the comfortable and nature-rich places in India.
  • More profitable: Traveling abroad is expensive. Not to mention that the formalities for obtaining tourist visas for some of the tourist hot spots have increased. But traveling to India can provide travelers with what they are looking for without being too heavy a financial burden. In the wake of digital India, almost every place has several secure payment options, going beyond credit and debit cards. More importantly, travel fintech companies have started offering flexible payment options like postpay, monthly payment (similar to EMI), and more. These are golden resources that every avid traveler and their family can use and make the most of their vacation.
  • Cathartic Experience for Avenging Travelers: The nationwide lockdown has spawned a new breed of travelers known as Avenging Travelers. These types of travelers travel a lot to remote locations that are entirely outside of conventional maps. They aspire to take the road less traveled, roam safely, discover something new, and introduce excitement into their lives after being surrounded by the desperation of the pandemic and forced to stay indoors. While traveling inland, people have come to realize that India is home to many doppelganger tourist hot spots. For example, Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan has the architectural splendor of the Great Wall of China. The similar depth of nature that can be felt in the flower gardens of Amsterdam and the valleys of Switzerland can be experienced in Srinagar and Kashmir.

Some hidden gems of India

  • Naggar: A place that can be described as picturesque. Nestled between the hills and the River Beas, this place is truly off the grid.
  • Fagu: Located near Shimla, discover the most underrated Asian city.
  • Shoja: For people wishing to discover Indian fauna.
  • Har Ki Doon Valley: The best routes for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Jorhat: Place intended for adventurers of the sea.

Travel can be the singular factor that takes a person out of their routine and introduces much needed spontaneity into their life. India is the seventh largest country in the world and there are countless places to be explored. If money problems are the only thing stopping a person, there are plenty of affordable options. Especially now, with the help of travel fintech companies, finances and travel expenses can be taken care of seamlessly.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, domestic travel saw the best increase in years. According to a recent report, the coming years will feature the biggest boom in the travel industry. More importantly, for travelers, their cost-effective travel options will become more generous and more innovative. Now is the best and perhaps the most ideal time to plot an uncharted journey and discover places that have always been on bucket lists.

(Contributions by Akash Dahiya, founder of Sankash)

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