Illinois is one of the most rudimentary states, new study finds


So vulgar! Sorry, I had to get my plenary reference in there. But for a real note, Illinois, WTF ?! Illinois has ranked among the toughest states in the country, according to a new survey. I will say that even if you take Chicago out of the equation, you will still be pretty rude.

A new study has come out of our friends at Zippia showing how rude every state is. To determine which states are the grossest and which are the nicest, Zippia looked at 4 areas:

  • Percentage of rude drivers
  • Average tip
  • Amount of curses to customer service agents
  • How rude the rest of the country finds the state

First, Zippia looked at the percentage of rude drivers, according to Insurify. A bad driver is defined as a driver who failed to yield violations, failed to stop violations, improper support, overtaking where prohibited, heels, street racing and racing offenses on their record. The more you have, the more rude you are probably. Or just a terrible pilot.

Zippia then turned to Square to find the average tip in each state. If you tip like a trash can, you are probably someone that no one wants to be.

To examine the amount of curses inflicted on customer service agents in each state, Zippia looked at LivePerson’s ranking in that category to show how rude each state is.

Finally, Zippia took a YouGov survey of 75,000 Americans to find the percentage of respondents who thought residents of each state were “more rude” than most other Americans.

After compiling all of this data, Zippia found the coarsest and nicest states:

Zippia found that between Iowa and Illinois, Illinois is much rougher than Iowa. Here are some stats Zippia found to put Illinois at # 9 on this list:

  • Average tip: 16.4%
  • Percentage of rude conductors: 3.1
  • 22% of people think Illinois residents are rude than average.

Iowa is tied at three with Georgia and Florida for the 18th in law. Iowans tip 17% on average, and the percentage of rude drivers is 4.

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