How (and where) to collect floating rings in Fortnite

A unique challenge in Fortnite asks players to collect five floating rings. Here’s where to find them on the island and how to get them.

One of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 weekly challenges ask players to find and collect a series of floating rings in exchange for experience points. In addition to experience points earned for scoring kills, match placement, and survival time, Fortnite also features challenges encouraging the player to explore and experiment with the new game systems continually introduced by Epic. Moreover, with Fortnite The Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass includes lots of fun cosmetics, each completed challenge goes a long way in helping players get as much XP as possible.

Like many other popular Battle Royale games, Fortnite features a wide variety of challenges that are continuously introduced into the game during a single season. However, in Fortnitethese challenges generally encourage the player to do more than just loot, shoot, and build, with quests that challenge players to try driving new vehicles, visiting new locations, and experimenting with new or old weapons and gear. Fortnite the challenges can even border on the ridiculous, encouraging players to try FortniteNew divers and generally going out of their way to try things that won’t necessarily net them a coveted Victory Royale, but are quite fun nonetheless.


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The challenge to locate and collect floating rings is a unique weekly challenge and rewards players with 15,000 XP for collecting five rings. Luckily, all five rings can only be found in one place on Fortnitethe island.

How to Find and Collect Floating Rings in Fortnite

Official Fortnite Reality Falls Art

Players looking to collect five floating rings should head to reality fallsa new location introduced in Fortnite‘s Chapter 3 Season 3. This location is remarkably scenic, with waterfalls flowing into a lake shaded by the gigantic Reality Tree, almost enough to distract players from the fact that the falls are a very popular and perilous landing spot . As one of the best landing sites in FortniteReality Falls features plenty of loot and vast open areas, which often encourages players to get stuck in hectic firefights early on.

Assuming players successfully survive the early game melee, they should focus on the top of the falls and the reality tree itself. Several rings are concentrated around the waterfalls, especially at the top of the cliff edge falls and suspended in the air inside the waterfalls. More rings can be found inside the trunk of the Reality Tree, so players can climb inside to collect them. Collecting rings can be difficult, as many of them are not easily accessible. The best approach is to build them with materials, bounce off glowing mushrooms to get high, or take a quick detour through Greasy Grove to pick one up. from Fortnite new grapple gloves to try swinging towards them. Then, the player just needs to go through the ring’s hitbox to retrieve it.

Once the player collects five rings, all remaining rings will disappear and the challenge will be complete, rewarding the player with 15,000 XP for their Fortnite Battle pass. On paper, the challenge seems relatively simple, but players should be aware that Reality Falls frequently remains popular until later stages of the game, with many players landing there and even more dropping by later to collect items.

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Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and Android.

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