Historic Bocage Mansion on Mississippi River to be Auctioned After Multi-Million Dollar Restoration | Sponsored: Albert Burney


A new owner is wanted for one of the oldest and most iconic homes in southern Louisiana.

Bocage stretches over eight acres along the Mississippi River in Darrow, midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The mansion was built around 1840 in a Greek Revival style and has five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991 and has served as a movie set on several occasions.

Current owner Dr Marion Rundell purchased Bocage in 2008 and embarked on a $ 2 million renovation process. Now that the work is complete and Rundell, who lives in Houston, wants to spend more time with his family, Bocage is up for auction. Albert Burney law firm takes care of the transaction.

The live auction will take place at the Bocage at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, September 14. It will be led by Louisiana Auctioneer Bret Richards, # 2003. Individuals will need to show proof of $ 100,000 in certified funds to receive a bidder’s package. The individual will keep the money if his offer is not successful.

The winning bidder will have to put in 10% deposit and close the purchase within 30 days.

“I want the person (s) who buy Bocage to like it,” Rundell said. “I think she has taken on a character of her own. I have been to a number of historic houses, and none of them compare to the Bocage.


Rundell said that one thing that makes Bocage unique is that the two-story home measures approximately 7,000 square feet, which is smaller than many other similar properties. The lower level includes a kitchen, dining room, main living room, bedroom and study. Upgraded amenities include four bedrooms and living room doors that open to a staircase and front yard.

“It’s an appropriate size for livability, but it’s also large enough to be used for receptions, dinners, or events,” Rundell said.

Rundell said when he first bought Bocage the house was structurally sound but also suffered from neglect and age. But Rundell was not deterred. While honoring Bocage’s history, Rundell has carried out renovations to ensure the property remains in good condition for years to come. A new EPDM rubber roof has been installed and is designed to last for many years into the future. A fire sprinkler system was installed, as well as a new electrical system and Internet connections.

“I don’t mind the update so if you walk around the Bocage today you will find granite countertops in the bathrooms. We updated the brushed nickel fixtures in the bathrooms, ”said Rundell. “If you see Bocage today, it absolutely does not look like the building we bought. It’s considerably better, without any disruption of anything we’ve found historical. “




The restoration of the Bocage was a team effort with many contractors, it took a full year to complete the restoration. At a Metairie architectural antique store, he found wrought iron similar to that used in the 1700s and 1800s and used it to create a railing along the back porch. He met with the local fire marshal on several occasions to make sure everything was up to code. He also consulted with the late Dr Neil Odenwald, former director of LSU’s School of Landscape Architecture, on the best type of plantings to plant on the property. Dr. Odenwald has personally inspected and placed many living oaks and azaleas.

After 13 years of ownership, Rundell said it would be a little sad to let Bocage go, but he thinks it’s a good time to hand it over to someone new. Rundell, a pathologist, is soon retiring and has other activities planned, including watching his teenage son swim competitively.

“I hope whoever buys it lives there and loves it,” he said. “I spoke to an appraiser when it was all done and he told me he had never seen a house as impeccably restored as Bocage. Hope everyone feels the same.

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