Hidden storylines everyone missed in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous


The last couple of years have been spent finding things to do around the house, which is why tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) are getting even more attention than usual. The Pathfinder franchise was exclusively a tabletop game until it went digital through Kingmaker in 2017, and that awesome initial release was recently followed by the equally awesome sequel, Wrath of the Righteous.

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The game is already praised for its story details and questlines, and there is so much to do that it’s nearly impossible for a single character to experience it. There are secrets all over the Golarian countryside, so here are some storylines almost everyone missed in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

Recruitment Aushulae

Arueshalae Pathfinder wotr split image Arueshalae and fountain of fire

Some of the hidden stories in the game relate to companions you can recruit. Aushulae, a redeemed succubus and a Ranger with formidable archery ability, is one of the companions most players miss.

The group meets her once in Drezen Prison during the liberation of the city as part of the main storyline, and she is also linked to the Crusaders’ quest to find the source of the demons on the road. It is easier to recruit her earlier with magical items found in the Lost Chapel. Arrange them correctly and play the notes, and a vision of her will appear. No matter when you recruit her, she can take you on an interesting journey into the mind of a demon, and things get visceral very quickly.

The path of the golden dragon

scout dragon form

Like the companions, some of the mythical paths are obvious and presented to the protagonist as part of the main storyline and without any prompting. Others, however, are hidden within the text of subtle dialogues and complex storylines.

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The Path of the Golden Dragon, which is just as epic as it sounds, is one of the dark mythical paths that players only knew existed after exploring the game. It is often overlooked because there are has a number of circumstances that must be met to open this path, including doing certain quests in a certain order and having a certain group composition. Always reliable advice, however, is to be careful any time a dragon appears on the party’s radar.

The story of the storyteller

Pathfinder Elves Pyramids of the Elf Gate

via: Paizo

The storyteller is a character that the character finds in random, often hidden areas, and usually has issues. If you decide to help him, he will ask you to help him recover his notes. There are a few lying around in Kenabras and on the Drezen Road, and the story might end there if the protagonist isn’t careful.

The final parts of the Storyteller’s long saga include other unique items other than his old notes. Some of the conversations the protagonist has with this NPC open up other quests and reveal hidden locations, including a location essential to the mythical dragon path, so don’t forget this after the liberation of Dresden.

Nenio the Kitsune

Pathfinder The Wrath of the Righteous Nenio Kitsune

You could complete all of those puzzles scattered across the countryside without this character. However, that does mean that the whole group is missing out on interesting dialogue options and personal secrets.

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Nenio was still in riddles and ruins. You first meet her during a roadside encounter in which she explains this at some length, which can easily put some players off. If you face it and keep it with you, however, there is some unique fun to be had. There is its secret identity, its connection to the various historical sites nearby, and a high bonus modifier for Knowledge and Nature checks. There is also an “experiment” that you can help her with if you have a bottle of alcohol in the common supply. Not wine, but alcohol, because this little wizard is no joke.

The drama of Chilly Creek


Jernaugh is an NPC that you can find in Defender’s Heart at the start of the game. Unlike the other NPCs present there, however, he will not appear later in Drezen or the surrounding area, so if you miss him early on, you will never be able to visit Chilly Creek.

The story of this turbulent little forest village could be its own drama, with a cleric from the big city being sent to a poor provincial town. The main character can follow this story as he walks the path of the Crusader army, provided he can find Chilly Creek.

The path of the swarm that walks

pathfinder wotr king demon

Here’s another one of the super secret mythical paths that only truly hardcore gamers have discovered. Sure, it’s fun being evil, and players experiment with the dark side of the moral alignment circle all the time, but why be a boring old lich when you can be a hideous swarm of swarming vermin?

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The Path of the Swarm which walks is not only obscure, it is also quite crude. It only begins if the main character rejects the Queen’s offer to lead the crusade. Then you have to save some glue from Queen Vescavor and keep it for a while. The later stages of this plot include adopting a big bug that lurks quietly in a house in Drezen and makes practical friends with an NPC named Xanthir Vang.

Tale of a tieffelin

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Woljif Builds Feature

Players can completely miss the Defender’s Heart basement in Kenabras, causing Woljif’s storyline to be entirely hidden. It sounds minor, but as the chapters go on things start to get real. The Shadow of Woljif, previously a fun gift, begins to speak, and young Tiefling begins to discover new powers. Some of the dialogue choices are unique if the protagonist is also a Tieffin, as both characters would then share a demonic bloodline.

Every time someone comes looking for the Crescent Abyss, the stakes seem to rise. Finally, at the end of the Dark Moon Rising quest, the player will choose Woljif’s ultimate fate.

The unknown enigma and the heart of the mystery

Pathfinder Wrath of the Smile of the Just Leper

Few players completely miss this, as some parts are scattered throughout the game and are impossible to miss, but it’s so detailed that most never get to know the entire storyline. Some of the puzzles in this long sequence require special items that can only be found in other locations, with some of them scattered throughout the ever-expanding countryside.

These puzzles include, but are not limited to, colorful switches, neat levers, broken tiles, and mumbling cultists. It’s not a plot for everyone, which is one of the reasons a lot of players miss it.

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