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Herman Paul Hoecke obituary
Herman Paul Höecke left this Earth on Sunday, February 27, 2022.
Herman, who preferred to go by Paul, was the son of Paul Höecke and Valerie Gubonov, and he was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1937. His parents had moved there after meeting and marrying in Belgrade then. that they were university students. They lived in the Berlin and Potsdam area during and immediately after the war. They left the Soviet occupation during the Berlin Airlift and as displaced persons they lived in Munich for a time.
In 1951, circumstances led them to travel to Jordan, where they took up residence in Bethany. While there, he attended St. George’s School in Jerusalem. During this time he visited the many monuments of the Holy Land.
In 1954 they moved to Lebanon. They lived in the town of Ain Anoub, a suburb of Beruit, for about a year. In September 1955, he was accepted into the American University of Beruit. The family moved to town to reside in the Zarif neighborhood. They lived there for two years while he studied. Again, he continued to take the opportunity to explore the area. This included many hikes in the Beqa’a Valley and hikes in the Lebanon mountain range. A highlight he talked about on several occasions was an ascent he and his close friend Robert Rychnner, known as “Bubi”, took 2,628m of Mount Sannine. The outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in the spring of 1958 prompted the family to move to the Ras Beruit area.
In the second half of 1958, they were able to emigrate to the United States, settling in New York, where he graduated from Columbia University. In 1962 he obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology. It should be noted that he was an active staff member of the school newspaper, The Owl.
During this time he also served in the New York Army National Guard as a member of the 1st/71st Infantry, spending most of that time as a member of the 4.2 Mortar Platoon inches from the battalion.
A variety of post-college jobs led him into the advertising industry in New York. There he met his future wife, Barbara Southard Hoecke. They met through their mutual interest in ballet, which she had come to study in New York. Their two sons were born a few years later.
Over the years, his work evolved into marketing research for agricultural chemicals. It took the family from New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and back to North Carolina. The work has taken him across the breadth of the United States, meeting farmers from large and small farms and all kinds of crops.
The many family road trips were similarly expeditionary in nature across the country; always an adventure off the beaten track. They featured many museums, historic sites, natural wonders, and winding, spiritedly driven country roads.
Outside of work, he enjoyed tinkering with cars. BMWs were his favorite, although anything mechanical could capture his interest. He was a very active member of the BMW Car Club of America. His involvement has covered a wide range of club activities over the years, both on and off the track. He served many years in various chapter officer positions and was a prolific contributor to newsletters. He and his wife were also interested in American Saddlebred horses and there was also a period of small horse farming, as well as lots of cats and dogs (our peak was six horses, three dogs and twelve cats; all at that time). He was a big fan of the space program and science fiction for several decades. Additionally, he was an avid researcher and chronicler of family history, completing several multi-volume histories from both sides of the family.
He is predeceased by his wife of 52 years, Barbara Lee Southard Hoecke. He is survived by his two sons, Paul Eric Hoecke and Christopher John Hoecke; two sisters, Olga Ledkovsky of Poughkeepsie, NY and Irina Scorer of Exeter, England; and many nieces and nephews.
He had many friends and family and will be greatly missed by all.
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