Here’s how to choose the right cheese for your frittata

Sure, you may have a favorite type of cheese, but the key to choosing the perfect cheese for your frittata is choosing one with high humidity. According cheese science, cheeses with a high water content like mozzarella and smoked gouda are great melting cheeses that give frittatas the desired texture. Meanwhile, a cheese with a low water content like Parmesan won’t melt in the oven, especially if surrounded by an egg mixture. Another thing to consider is the acidity of the cheese – take goat cheese or paneer. Adding high-acid goat cheese to a frittata may add desired flavor or flavor, but it won’t provide a gooey cheese pull. If you don’t mind adding a stringy cheese to your frittata, goat cheese or even a tangy Roquefort can work wonders.

On the other end of the spectrum, low-acid cheeses like bread cheese soften with heat but barely melt, so they would leave chewy chunks of cheese in your frittata (via Cheese Science). Besides the common competitors, you can also use the American cheese slices you have in your fridge. They may not give you a better cheese taste than freshly grated cheese, but Illustrated Cook notes that their sodium citrate content acts as an emulsifying agent that melts the cheese evenly. This is probably why American is the best cheese for making nacho cheese. The result is a fondue-like fondue, which melts smoothly into the baked eggs.

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