Help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species

What are your plans for the summer? Maybe a vacation out of town, camping, a vacation maybe? Whatever you choose, it’s good to take time out, relax, and enjoy life outside of work.

And your downtime can be fun and relaxing, no matter how much or how much you have planned for downtime. An activity that is abundant in the upstate New York region, is taking advantage of all things water. Our region is full of beautiful lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

Our Finger Lakes region is unlike any other in the country, and there’s plenty of fun waiting for you and your family. Boating is such an important part of the Finger Lakes, and it’s great fun to be out on the water enjoying a hot sunny summer day.

If you use a boat on our New York waterways, there are some things to keep in mind and do that you may not be aware of. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation invites you to protect your waters from aquatic invasive species. And there are a few simple steps to achieve this.

There are six steps to follow: check, clean, drain, dry, sanitize and visit your local steward. Each step is described in detail on the NYS DEC website.

Check your navigation and invasive species fishing gear.
To clean any visible mud, plants, fish or animals before transporting the equipment.
Drain all compartments containing water, including ballast tanks, live wells and hold areas.
Disinfect anything that has come into contact with water if it cannot be dried before reuse.
Boat marshals – To help protect New York’s waters, Boat Stewards are located at various boat launches throughout the state. To find one, click here.

Have fun boating this summer and, at the same time, help protect New York State waters. For more detailed information, visit the NYS DEC website.

Going through New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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