Help for Makayla? A tumbling accident crippled this Texas champion


On September 21, Makayla Noble of Prosper, TX fell in a backyard when an unexpected fall accident left her with a spinal cord injury that brought her to the hospital and headed for towards surgery.

A family friend, as well as the one who organized Makayla’s GoFundMe page, told Fox4 that “It was a freak accident in someone’s backyard. It wasn’t a joy drive. wasn’t on a mat with a trainer. “

She has also been described as a “world class athlete” and has been a cheerleader for years. I can imagine her family were incredibly shocked when such a devastating injury occurred.

Her mother, Jenn Noble, publicly posted this on her Facebook page the same day:

Please pray for our beautiful daughter !! She had a fall accident tonight. She has a spinal cord injury. She came out of her first operation and it went better than expected! They are waiting for the next surgery for now. Thanks for the little wins! Please keep praying!

For a while, Makayla used a ventilator at night and received oxygen at night because her left lung had collapsed. And then had collapsed again. Fortunately, she is making steady progress. However, her recovery will be long, according to Tiffany Smith. And other sources said she would look between 12 and 18 months.

There’s a chance Makayla will never walk again. But there is a lot to look forward to and she is improving.

A private Facebook has been set up as a platform where friends, family and supporters can post and receive updates on the state of Makayla. It has been wonderful to read such valuable comments from so many people around the world. The group has nearly 30,000 members. Hope this is encouraging for sweet Makayla.

On the group’s page, Makayla herself has shared videos and just seeing the hope on her face and her happy smile is inspiring.

If you want to contribute to the long road that Makayla has to travel, here is the link to his GoFund Me page —-> HERE.

We send love to Makayla and all of her family.

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