Hatchery Highlights For June: Notable Fish Bottoms Statewide


Idaho Fish and Game stocks 300,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout statewide as of June.

With so many fish stored in so many places, it can be difficult for anglers to sift through predictions and stocking records to identify notable stocking events. To make it easier for you, we’ve asked the Fish and Game Hatchery staff to highlight some of the month’s stocking events:

Panhandle region

Elsie Lake – 1350 rainbow trout. Offering excellent fishing for fishermen of all levels, you will also find a magnificent setting. It is a mountain lake by car, but the road is mountainous and rugged.

Fernan Lake – 6,200 rainbow trout. A popular fishing spot 10 minutes from downtown Coeur d’Alene, anglers of all skill levels can enjoy fishing from floating docks, miles of shore, or boats.

Post Falls Park Pond – 1000 rainbow trout. This park provides an excellent fishing ground for children and anglers with special needs. Anglers can easily fish the small pond from a fishing bridge, shoreline, or fishing platforms, and enjoy the adjacent park, nature trails, waterfalls, and picnic areas.

Clearwater area

Campbell’s Pond – 2000 rainbow trout. This is a picturesque forest pond where anglers can expect good catch rates. Good fishing can be practiced from the shore with several docks, including a dock accessible to disabled people and a developed launching ramp.

Deer Creek Reservoir – 2,500 tiger trout and 1,875 rainbow trout. This magnificent mountain reservoir was built especially for trout fishing. Boaters, please respect the no-wake restriction.

Elk Creek Reservoir – 4,500 rainbow trout. A forest road runs parallel to the entire west side of this reservoir for easy access to fishing areas, with four fishing docks and a boat launch. The east side of the reservoir offers excellent boat fishing opportunities where access on foot is difficult.

Moose Creek Reservoir – 3000 rainbow trout. A shallow lake in half-timbered hills on the Idaho Bird Trail, this reservoir is great for kayaks and floats. A trail surrounds the lake and nine fishing docks offer good shore fishing opportunities. Gasoline engines are not allowed.

Spring Valley Reservoir – 4200 rainbow trout. Surrounded by hills and trees, there is also a trail that surrounds the reservoir. In addition, the docks and fishing platforms increase access to the shore. Gasoline engines are not allowed. It’s stop 35 on the Idaho Bird Trail!

Southwest region (Nampa)

Bull trout lake – 1000 rainbow trout. This lake is nestled in the pines above Banner Summit. While anglers can easily fish from the shore, this lake is ideal for canoes, kick boats and floating tubes.

Dick Knox Pond – 1,100 rainbow trout. One of the newer fishing waters in the area, it is quickly becoming a popular place to take kids fishing! It is located in Emmett, on the corner of West Sales Yard Road and Airport Road.

Parkcenter Pond – 1000 rainbow trout. A popular local fishing pond with a paved path along the docks and tables with maturing trees. This convenient pond is close to the greenbelt, the BSU campus, and a variety of restaurants.

Sagehen Reservoir – 4800 rainbow trout. This mountain reservoir is surrounded by forests. Five campgrounds are located next to the reservoir and are managed by the Boise National Forest.

Southwestern Region (McCall)

Horsethief Reservoir – 7,500 rainbow trout. This reservoir has everything for a memorable fishing weekend – a beautiful lake in the trees and great fishing!

Meadow Creek Pond – 500 rainbow trout. This is a quaint little pond nestled in the lush New Meadows Valley next to the Little Salmon River.

Warm lake – 12,000 rainbow trout. Located in Valley County, this area is very popular for camping, hiking, boating, and fishing.

Magic Valley region

Gavers Lagoon – 1,425 rainbow trout. This pond near Hayspur Campground is a high yield fishery. We encourage harvesting, but please harvest what you need and consider leaving a few for your fellow anglers.

Small wood tank – 6000 rainbow trout. Set in a desert setting in the highlands of Blaine County, this reservoir offers excellent trout fishing. Bell Mountain provides a scenic backdrop for memorable sunsets.

Little Smoky Creek and Big Smoky Creek – These two streams in Camas County will receive 1,400 rainbow trout and 1,000 rainbow trout respectively.

Penny lake – 1000 rainbow trout. Great rustic fishing on a small pond! This lake also offers hiking and cycling opportunities.

Southeast region

Bannock Reservoir – 3000 rainbow trout. Located in the Portneuf Wellness Complex near the Pocatello County Fairgrounds, this community park offers good trout fishing. Several docks provide access to fishing around the 5 acre pond.

Bear river – 3,500 rainbow trout. These fish will be stored in the scenic Oneida Narrows stretch of the river. Make it an overnight trip and set up camp at Redpoint Campground. 10 developed sites are available on a first come, first served basis.

Cub River – 1000 rainbow trout. This beautiful little river is located south of Preston. All fish will be stored in and around the Willow Flat Campground.

Johnson Reservoir – 1750 rainbow trout. This 50 acre irrigation reservoir is surrounded by tall poplar trees and offers a boat launch, dock and restrooms. There are also a variety of hot water game fish, so bring your entire tackle box!

Montpelier Reservoir – 1,000 tiger trout. This reservoir offers the opportunity to fish for a variety of fish species in a peaceful rural setting.

Upper Snake Region

Birch creek – 3,400 rainbow trout. A productive spring cove in a high desert basin, this small stream is ideal for children and less experienced anglers. Rainbow trout are heavily stocked around access areas and wild brook trout are quite common.

Camas Creek – 750 rainbow trout. Located near Spencer, this is one of our new storage locations that has quickly become a popular fishery. Come and discover what it has to offer!

Henries fork – 10,000 rainbow trout. World famous for trout fishing! The river is suitable for wading, shore fishing and boat fishing.

Horseshoe Lake – 3000 rainbow trout. This is a great place to take new anglers to rainbow trout fishing. More experienced anglers can try to catch some of the arctic grayling which is stored each year.

Island Park Reservoir – 12,000 rainbow trout. There are several serviced campgrounds and boat launches near this large scenic reservoir on Henrys Fork. Fishing is best from a boat, but shore fishing can be quite good in the spring.

Salmon region

Bayhorse Lake – 2000 rainbow trout. Anglers will find good catch rates in this mountain lake accessible by car. Primitive campsites are available. Discover Little Bayhorse Lake (1000 Rainbow Trout) while you are in the area. The two lakes are connected by a kilometer long hiking trail.

Cape Horn Lake # 1 – 600 rainbow trout. It is the larger of two picturesque lakes with fish, water lilies and frogs. Particularly well suited to floats or small boats, this lake offers limited access to the shore. The area is great for wildlife viewing and is located at stop 20 on the Idaho Bird Watching Trail. Camping is available at nearby forest service sites. No installation is available here.

Salmon River – Sections 5 to 8 will be stocked with a total of 8,000 rainbow trout.

  • Section # 5 – O’Brien Campsite at Torrey’s Hole
  • Section 6 – Lower Stanley to Sunbeam Hot Springs
  • Section 7 – from Sunny Gulch campsite to Stanley
  • Section 8 – From Decker Flats to Buckhorn Bridge

Stanley lake – 2,100 rainbow trout. It is a popular spot known for its stunning views of the jagged mountains. It offers excellent fishing and places for children to explore nature.

Wallace Lake – 1,500 tiger trout. Children will enjoy fishing from the shore and exploring the surrounding woods. Adults will enjoy this deep sea fishing retreat in a beautiful mountain lake. Check with local offices for seasonal access conditions before heading to this lake.

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