Gurez is a place like heaven of heavenly beauties


This is one of the reasons why hundreds of thousands of tourists come to this destination every year.

Kashmir is a beautiful land of lakes surrounded by breathtaking views of the snow-capped adornments of the hills. In terms of various fruits and flowers, the earth is abundantly blessed by nature. The beauty of Kashmir is sublimated by the snow under the curtain of winter. The valley is not only popular as a tourist destination, but it is also famous for sports activities and the film industry. Rivers, snow-capped mountains with their beautiful green forests, provide a memorable experience in everyone’s life. This is one of the reasons why hundreds of thousands of tourists come to this destination every year. The most picturesque places in Kashmir are Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sounmarg, Yousmarg and Gurez in particular.
As for my experience, I hiked up to Gurez, where I found wonderful scenic beauties with serene water flowing down haunting snow capped mountains. The valley was previously off-limits – a limit for travelers, but it has now been added to the Kashmir tourist map. Although the Gurez Valley is unknown to outside tourists, it has remained the marvelous beauty of the people of Kashmir for all these years. The very beautiful land had not been explored on the map but recently the inscription on the map has made it a new type of discovery for tourists. However, apart from these beautiful views, Gurez is one of the ideal gateways for tourists who will appreciate the splendor of the beautiful landscapes of Kashmir, “A place of celestial beauties”. Gurez Valley is 86 km from Bandipora and 123 km from Srinagar in northern Kashmir. The Gurez Valley nestled between towering snow-capped mountains is a paradise of peaceful simplicity and pure natural beauty. It has a distinct culture that will draw you from Bandipora to Dawar. The Gurez Valley is the kind of breathtaking place, offering tourists a treasure trove of natural beauty to discover and explore. This important part of the land remains unexplored and unknown to tourists and travelers. Lakhs of tourists visit Kashmir every year to enjoy the beauty of Kashmir, but the majority of them miss this famous spa. The snowfall is comparable to that of Pahalgam and Sounmarg, but due to its remoteness and neglect, the tourist sector of Gurez has yet to develop. In summer, tourists even ignore visiting Gurez due to poor roads, lack of hotels and very few cell towers, even though they only received seven hours of electricity from the installed generators. Gurez is also well known for the production of Zeera, potatoes and Rajma.
Gurez is a quiet place, and the people who reside there are known for their warm welcome. Gurez is just as wonderful in winter as it is in summer. The valley resembles Switzerland with its thick blanket of snow, the flowing waters of the Kishanganga River, snow-capped mountains, white-mantled trees and beautiful meadows. Alpine trees, snow-capped mountains and the Peer Baba shrine welcome all visitors. After crossing the summit of Razdan, the roofs of Kanzalwan hamlet reflect the culture and tradition of the valley. The imposing and picturesque Habba Khatoon Mountain is the soul and heavenly abode of Dawar, where the water flowing by the mountain’s edge blesses visitors to the Gurez Valley. The valley remains cut off from the rest of the world for at least six months due to heavy snowfall at the peaks of Razdan, Dawar and Tulail. However, from December to April, the only way to get there is by helicopter; the use of helicopter travel adds new wings of joy to visitors. During these months the whole valley is covered with blankets of snow, it seems that a newly married woman has adorned herself in white clothes. He drew lodges of lasting joy in those hearts of men who have a real sense of beauty and attraction to nature.
I have visited the place and through the real experience of my heart I can urge everyone to visit and obtain proof of innocence in the Gurez Valley region. During the visit, I spoke to a few villagers. They told me the average snowfall is up to ten feet during winters. They added that the conifers looked like the huge snow-capped giants under the snow. Although concrete houses may not last long in inclement weather, all of the residents of Gurez had traditionally built their houses out of wood. According to locals, they can survive in severe cold while living in wooden houses. For the convenience of tourists, there are well-built Dak bungalows, a tourist reception center, as well as restaurants and hotels. The people of Gurez are the most friendly and gentle, with bright smiles on their faces. I recommend all nature lovers to visit Gurez at least once in their life; it will be a life-changing experience for them.

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