For Darwin Day: Topoisomerase Webinar

Image source: Discovery Institute.

How will you celebrate Darwin Day, this Saturday, marking Charles Darwin’s birthday? Here is an idea: Join us here for a webinar examining the wonders of topoisomerase II, an extremely important enzyme in your cells that is designed to untangle knots and supercoils in DNA strands that arise during replication and transcription. He does this by grabbing two tangled segments of DNA, holding one steady while he breaks the other segment in half, then threading the first segment through the break. The second segment is then reconnected and the two DNA segments are released, having been successfully disentangled. Without topoisomerases, chromosomes would become an impossible mess, making DNA replication, transcription, and cell duplication impossible.

The carefully orchestrated detangling activity of topoisomerase II does not occur by accident. This enzyme is a molecular machine that only works because its amino acid sequence is highly specified to provide a special shape and structure necessary for its function. In other words, topoisomerase enzymes contain high levels of complex and specific information – a hallmark of intelligent design.

New molecular machine animation

This webinar will feature a new molecular machine animation on the enzyme topoisomerase. If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the previous molecular animations on our YouTube channel. The webinar will include a Q&A session with a topoisomerase researcher, Prof. Joe Deweese, a biochemist at Freed-Hardeman University, to talk about his own research and the amazing design of this enzyme. Deweese will be interviewed by VSAsey Luskin, associate director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, for more details on this magnificent process. Concluding the interview, webinar attendees will have nearly 30 minutes to ask Deweese and Luskin questions regarding the topoisomerase enzyme.

Join us on Saturday, February 12 at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET) for what should be a great interview! The webinar is free, so register today!

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