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Calling a home “historic” is a way for a homeowner to try to extract additional value from a home they wish to sell. But just because a house is old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s historic.

What makes a house historic? The National Register of Historic Places has rules on this. He says a house is historic if it meets one or more of these criteria: it is associated with significant events in history; it is linked to the lives of significant people; it has distinctive features, construction techniques or other factors that make it unique; its presence gives important information over a certain period of time.

To compile a list of historic homes currently on the market, 24/7 Tempo consulted information and listings from real estate sources such as Historical properties, Oldhouses.comand History for sale.com, verifying certain details with the National Register of Historic Places and other historical sources. The homes listed were on the market as of June 24, 2022. (These are the US cities with the highest concentration of historic places.)

Not all of the houses on our list are on the National Register, but all but four are 100 years old. A handful date from the 18th century, including one built for a colonial-era British tax collector in Pennsylvania. The largest property on the list, an estate in Virginia spanning more than 1,400 acres, is also the most expensive, priced at $29.9 million. (Take a look at largest historic mansion in each state.)

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When a home is declared historic by the National Register or local preservation groups, owners may be eligible for funding for its restoration and maintenance. On the other hand, homes with a historic designation generally cannot be significantly altered or updated with permits or a hearing to determine if changes can be made.

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